Man Spends Hundreds Playing Candy Crush. Sister Finds Out. And He LOSES It.

Ever get so attached to a video game that you find yourself spending hundreds of hard earned dollars to play it?

The man in this video apparently spent $380 playing Candy Crush Saga, and neglected to break the news to his sister before she found the credit card bill.

Word to the wise: don’t spend hundreds of dollars playing Candy Crush. That’s what the Internet and sites like ReadyGamer are for. All levels in the game are beatable without spending a single red cent of your money. If you need some extra help, look up a level guide in our Candy Crush section.

ALSO: Please note some of the language, especially towards the end of the video, is NSFW. And loud. But hilarious.

This video was posted on YouTube by user “boogie2988”


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