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We live in an increasingly mobile world. Many of us commute to work 25 minutes or longer, often by bus or train. How do millions of Americans stay entertained every day during their free time? By playing the most popular mobile games available.  The App Store adds nearly 21,000 new mobile games each month, and it’s difficult to know what is worth the precious space on your phone’s SD card. Today, we will discuss the must-have mobile games, which are best suited to continue their popularity through the following years. Quick Navigation Product FAQsHow We ReviewedOverall Price Range of the Most Popular Mobile Games & Their DemandWhat We ReviewedPUBGPokemonGoFortnite: Battle RoyaleClash of ClansClash RoyaleAngry Birds 2Candy Crush SagaSummoners WarBattlegrounds Royale8 Ball PoolThe Verdict Product FAQs1. What Is A Mobile Game?A mobile game is a video game that is played on platforms other than PCs or consoles. These include smartphones, tablets, graphing calculators, PDAs and portable media players like iPod. Today, most mobile games are played on iPhone and Android and can be purchased or downloaded for free through Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play store. 2. Freemium vs. Free To Play: What’s The Difference?A free-to-play game is a mobile game that’s free to download and play due to advertisements. These can be pop-up ads, sticky ads at the bottom of the screen or videos you have to watch periodically. Some people find these advertisements distracting and prefer freemium games. The freemium gaming model offers the core video game for free without the annoying ads but gives players the options to pay for additional features and in-game currency. 3. Who Plays Mobile Games?Men and women, boys and girls play mobile games. In fact, 65% of U.S. females ages 10-65 play mobile games, and the average mobile gamer is a 37-year-old, financially independent woman willing to spend money on mobile games. Females make up 49% of all mobile gamers, but they play more regularly than their male counterparts. 4. Most Popular Types Of Mobile Games?Mobile games are exploding in popularity. The most popular mobile game genres are arcade, action, puzzle, simulation, adventure, casual, sports, strategy, role-playing, and card. Card games go above and beyond Solitaire and Freecell nowadays. There are now mobile games which play similarly to collectible card games. MMORPG mobile games are also incredibly popular due to their accessibility and low barrier to entry, simultaneously featuring simplicity and depth. The most popular mobile games, whatever your genre of choice, will without a doubt 5. Why Are Mobile Games So Popular?Whether on a calculator, portable media player or phone, we have all played a mobile game at least once in our lives. Have you ever wondered why they are so popular?  The number one reason mobile games are so popular is their accessibility. You do not need an expensive gaming computer, 4K Ultra HD TV or the newest console. All you need is a phone.  You also don’t need to wait in line at a store then sit in traffic to get home to open the case…you get the idea. Download in seconds with a data or wireless connection and instantly enjoy entertainment wherever you are. How We ReviewedWe played dozens of mobile games across multiple genres to bring you this comprehensive list. Trust us. These are the best games on the market today. Overall Price Range Of The Most Popular Mobile Games & Their DemandSingle-player mobile games are usually free with advertisements, available for download with a onetime purchase, or free to download with the option to pay to remove advertisements later on. Some of the most popular mobile games are multiplayer games, and they are usually free with the option to purchase premium content such as armor, weapons, health and more. What We Reviewed PUBG Pokemon Go Fortnite: Battle Royale Clash of Clans Clash Royale Angry Birds 2 Candy Crush Saga Summoners War Battlegrounds Royale 8 Ball Pool PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds exploded in popularity on PC, putting battle royale-style games on everyone’s radar back in 2017. Initially released on Steam, it was a highly replayable game suitable for players of any skill level. Now available for free on iOS and Android, the spirit of the game is still alive and well. However, the developer compromised few features to transfer this game to a mobile platform.You can still enjoy the same map size and features, player count and weapons you found on PC and Xbox One. Aiming and positioning yourself during intense firefights is a little less precise, but if you are more interested in tactical shooting than building towers, PUBG is your best bet for mobile last-player-standing games. PokemonGo One of the most popular mobile games, PokemonGo was an instant hit back in 2016, and it has only improved since. In 2018, this game features a revamped gym system, the opportunity to find and catch rare, shiny and legendary Pokemon, daily and weekly quests and challenging multi-player raids.To make things more socially interactive, there is now a friends list and Pokemon trading features along with rewarding community days and regular special events. If you never downloaded this game, check it out. Enjoy your quest to become the next Pokemon master while getting some fresh air and getting to know your town. Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite: Battle Royale is now available for free on iOS and Android. It features the same map and 100-player battles as it does on the PC and console. This means if you are coming over, most of the strategies you have already learned translate well.It is more difficult to see movement in the distance on the smaller platform, and the game does not look as good, but it comes with the added feature of an indicator letting you know which direction gunfire is coming from. This is helpful when you have to play silently without headphones.It may take you a little while to get the hang of the less accurate controls but being mobile allows you to play when and where you want. Also, any purchases you make on PC or console port … Continue reading Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Games Right Now

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