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EA Games’ Need for Speed No Limits has been a hit tablet game since it launched. It’s great fun to play, draws you in, and then keeps you hooked even without Need for Speed No Limits cheats. It doesn’t get boring easily like some racing games. It’s incredibly fun to play and has enough variety to keep you hooked. You might not need any Need for Speed No Limits cheats, but there are some, and we’ll cover those here, along with how to play, and what experts think about the game.

What Is Need for Speed No Limits?

In Need for Speed No Limits, you’re playing as a street racer desperate to conquer the underground racing world. If you’re a gamer playing for the actual storyline, you won’t be disappointed with this one, despite the reasonable price. If you’re in it just for the racing, don’t worry; there’s plenty of that, too.The point of the game is to keep collecting cars and constantly upgrade them. If you’ve ever played a social RPG, you’ll feel at home with the structure of this game. Expect lots of special events, daily missions, a campaign mode, and plenty of chances to upgrade. Need for Speed No Limits cheats come in handy at times for getting ahead.

When you get to the actual racing part, this game really shines. It plays a lot like Most Wanted. The races are short but have that arcade quality that a lot of tablet games are missing. Some of the races are actually less than 30 seconds.The controls are native and intuitive. A press on the screen at either side will turn your car. To drift, swipe down quickly. To boost, swipe up the same way. The more drifting, drafting, near misses, and airtime you achieve with your car, the more money you get. These maneuvers will also fill up your boost bar which comes in handy when you’re trying to blast over the finish line.All the controls are customizable, but in the end, you will probably be happy sticking with their original set up. The frame rate is excellent, so you’re unlikely to experience problems unless you’re playing it on a really old tablet, and the entire game gives you an excellent sense of speed throughout. Notice the high-quality smoke, reflections, and sparks.

With these games, it’s always a question of when you’re going to run into the paywall. Fortunately, in this game, things stay fun and high energy for a long time. Every time you level up your energy bar refills, and this is what allows you to keep playing without reaching that wall where you either have to wait or pay to keep playing. Of course this strategy is used by a lot of these games to get you hooked, but honestly, it’s worth getting hooked on this game. You’ll have a lot of fun progressing, unlocking new cars, upgrading your existing vehicles, last racing, and leveling up.

Need For Speed No Limits gets consistently good reviews from the critics. Android Authority gives it a 5.6 out of 6-star rating, and Common Sense Media pegs it at 5 out of 6 stars. IGN like it, too, and gives it 7.5 out of 10.Several reviewers comment that the game is a new breed of mobile racing apps with truly challenging races that are worth playing. Reviewers also like the car reward system, though some feel it isn’t as generous as that of some competitors. Upgrades are faster than in other games, though, which helps to make up for it.Perhaps the best thing overall is that EA Games hasn’t locked players into a hopeless situation where it quickly becomes impossible to keep playing without paying. There are some effective Need for Speed No Limits cheats that can help, too. You can pay if you want to progress more quickly through the game, but you don’t have to do so to enjoy it.

Need for Speed No Limits CheatsUnlike computer games, tablet games are not known for having much in the way of coded cheats. There are a couple of sites online that offer hacking tools that give Need for Speed No Limits cheats like unlimited gold or nitro, and several of these are legitimate and seem to work quite well.There are even better ways to get lots of in-game gold without paying your own money, though, mainly by downloading free apps from the Play Store or AppStore. These earn you credits which you can turn into a gift card and then use to buy gold for the game without needing a credit card.

If you’re not looking for Need for Speed No Limits cheats, you might still be interested in tips that can help you play better. Here’s what the experts recommend as the best ways to succeed in the game:


  • Nitro is your friend. You don’t have to have the most powerful car on the course if you’ve got plenty of nitro. You’ve got to master the use of it, though, so make sure you hit the nitro just when you can take the most advantage of it: when drifting, drafting, and trying for a near miss.
  • Save everything. It might not seem important to have all those visual points right away, but save everything, so you have plenty to buy powerful (and expensive) upgrades later on.
  • Know what fills your meters. It’s crucial to know what fills up your meters so you can keep them topped up. You’ll get nitrous from time, boost strips, jumps over ramps, drafting, or drifting. You’ll get more oomph if you drift around a corner at max speed. Then use your nitrous as soon as you get to the straightaway.
  • To get ahead, run for near misses. You don’t have to win every race to rack up collectibles. You can also do it by performing plenty of tricks. If you get stuck, go back to some easier races and get as much air time and drifting as you can.
  • Damage doesn’t count as much as you’d think. You don’t have to worry about damage in this game like you would in other games. You don’t have to repair your car, fortunately, and damage doesn’t even hurt you within the race all that much.
  • Upgrade wisely. Yes, you should do a lot of upgrading, but save your cash for upgrading to things that wi​​​​​ll really help you. You only need to keep a step ahead of the competition, really, so go for fewer but nicer upgrades rather than lots of small ones.
  • Transfer parts as needed. If you’ve got compatible cars, you can transfer parts from one to the other. Just make sure you don’t transfer from the one you really need to one that isn’t yet ready to win.

If you’re not looking for Need for Speed No Limits cheats, you might still be interested in tips that can help you play better. Here’s what the experts recommend as the best ways to succeed in the game:

  • Concentrate on upgrading your car early. You’ll quickly be outclassed in the races if you don’t, and then you’ll get frustrated. Rather than trying to get all the cars at once, just concentrate on getting one, super-upgraded car.
  • Focus on the Car Series rather than the Underground races. They get you more XP points, so keep going with this race series until you can’t win any longer without getting a different car.
  • Get those blueprints. You’ll need blueprints to get anywhere in this game. You can get them on the Black Market, find them in crates at the Loading Dock, or win them in races. Classic crates come around about once every 10 minutes and offer lower quality items. You can also buy these crates with cash from the races.
  • Get premium crates when you can. These have lots of uncommon and rare parts. They often hold premium blueprints, too. Unfortunately, they only show up rarely in the game, and they can only be purchased with the premium currency. Keep an eye out for them!
  • Don’t forget the limits of cosmetics. Cosmetic improvements in your car can make it look cool, but they don’t do anything for your performance. Of course, it’s nice to make your car look unique, but don’t waste the money you need for performance upgrades on cosmetic enhancements.
  • Concentrate on one Car Series at a time. These are better than the Underground Races at getting you ahead, but if you spread yourself too thin, you’ll find yourself unable to get forward.

The takeaway is that Need for Speed No Limits is a fun, intuitive, well-designed game. It gets good ratings and doesn’t lock you behind a paywall before you’ve had a chance to enjoy it. There are some decent Need for Speed No Limits cheats you can use, and there are plenty of ways to get ahead within the game if you play strategically.This game is definitely a winner, so download a copy and get your winning streak on, too. You won’t regret this addition to your tablet gaming folder. 

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