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Most of us enjoy a good video game. Video games offer a creative outlet, an escape from stress, and endless entertainment. The best video games feature captivating musical scores, breathtaking graphics, challenging puzzles, and game-play with interesting back-stories we can get into. Nintendo games hold a special place in many of our hearts, because quite a few of us grew up playing some of our favorite games on Nintendo consoles. Nintendo mobile games differ from the Nintendo classics we already love, but are just as easy to fall in love with as your favorite console game. Quick Navigation 1. What Are Nintendo Mobile Games?2. What Makes Nintendo So Special?3. What Is the History of Nintendo Mobile Games?4. Where Are Nintendo Mobile Games Available?5. Price Range Mobile games offer added versatility to the console games we grew up with, and the convenience of having games on devices we can take with us wherever we go adds a whole new level of fun. Since we are all connected through our mobile phone networks, mobile games offer a large sense of community, as we can connect with others who also have the game on their phone. Nintendo is a trusted brand that has been around for quite some time, so it’s no surprise that their mobile games are at the height of popularity in app stores. Let’s review six of the best Nintendo mobile games available for free on the market, so you can get started having fun on the go! Product FAQs We found a few important questions regarding Nintendo as a company and its journey into making mobile games. We hope the history provided here will allow you to appreciate the massive revolutionary strides Nintendo has made in the gaming world.1. What Are Nintendo Mobile Games?Nintendo mobile games are often echoes of some of Nintendo’s best and most popular games, such as Super Mario, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem. These games bring us the graphics we love and the familiar story lines we know, with a unique mobile game twist that offers new challenges and fun game-play. Mobile games usually have more simple premises that are great for people of all ages and easy to understand. Since most mobile phones nowadays are all touch screens, mobile games have a unique challenge to fulfill utilizing touch functions in their games. There are countless creative mobile games out there that offer unique game play and mechanics, but Nintendo is a brand everyone looks to for quality games that are worth it to experience.2. What Makes Nintendo So Special?Even though there are so many free mobile games on the Apple and Google app stores nowadays, Nintendo remains a revered and trusted video game brand that holds a special place in the hearts of those who were lucky enough to grow up playing their console games. But what is it about Nintendo that makes everyone enjoy Nintendo so much? How did the brand get to where it is now? Nintendo started from humble beginnings during the early 80s in Japan, and was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi. Since then, Nintendo has stayed in Japan and has produced many successful titles that the world has come to love. Remember the original Nintendo system? The Game and Watch games, the SNES, the N64, the Gamecube, the Nintendo DS? Not to mention their most recent consoles! All of these amazing consoles were developed thanks Nintendo’s genius and commitment to quality gaming. Remember Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Mario? So many characters that seem like old friends to us are also Nintendo’s property. The Nintendo mobile games honor these games and characters in unique ways. Ever since Nintendo’s success with their Game and Watch systems in 1980, they have sold countless millions of games and systems that are revered and still incredibly popular.3. What Is the History of Nintendo Mobile Games?Although Nintendo has been a huge contender in console games over the years, their presence on mobile devices could almost be considered brand new. Up through 2015, Nintendo had focused on its consoles and used unique elements of those consoles in its games. Since mobile games eliminate the need for a console altogether, Nintendo was faced with a unique challenge when the world began to shift towards increased popularity in mobile games. Nintendo faced this challenge head-on and developed a strategy for entering into the mobile games market as a means of introducing their franchise and properties to increase traffic towards their consoles later on. Because of Nintendo’s extreme popularity, several of their new mobile game apps have been ranked as top-downloaded in both the Apple and Google app stores. Nintendo was hesitant to start making mobile games, but because of 2014’s shift in focus to mobile games for consumers, that year caused Nintendo’s stock to drop because they were receiving criticism for not using that shift to present new ideas to consumers. When the Wii U did not sell as much as they had hoped, from 2015 on Nintendo began making mobile games and quickly shot to the top of popularity in mobile gaming.4. Where Are Nintendo Mobile Games Available?Nintendo products are incredibly easy to find, since they are one of the most popular video game companies out there. If you have an IOS device, the Apple iTunes app store is available for you to download any game available there. If you have an Android, the Google Play Store is your app platform of choice, and you also get access to every single one of the games on our top six list!5. Price RangeThere are numerous apps and games available on both app stores for Android and Apple users, and the stores are even organized so you can search for free or paid apps. For our list of the top six best Nintendo mobile games, each game on our list is absolutely free to download and play! These games do offer in-app purchases but it is completely up to you if you want to spend extra money or not. How We Reviewed We found the six of the most popular free … Continue reading 6 Best Nintendo Mobile Games: Free On The Market

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