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Playing games is one of the best ways to pass time while also enjoying it. You have probably played Blinkbat Games’ latest iOS release No Breaks Valet (costs only $), but faced hurdles in controlling the cars. In play store, you can purchase it at only $, and it has no in-app purchases.This article provides you with the best cheats, tips, and strategies to maneuver effectively through the hardest parts. It also provides our rating of the game, which you probably need before downloading and playing the game. One thing is clear, however, it is one of the best games out there.Our No Breaks Valet tips, cheats, and overall rating will make the most out of your war tortoise funds and will aid you in sticking it to all those nasty critters who do not seem to have shelled reptiles very much. We hope that reading this article will help you play the game with no challenges. It provides you with a gist of what the game is, the cheats, and tips, how to play it, why players love laying it, and ultimately draws a conclusion. Quick Navigation What Is No Breaks Valet?Why Players Love PlayingHow To Play Strategies & TipsKnow The LotKnow Your CarsGeneral StrategyBreakingOverall Rating What Is No Breaks Valet? ​Image Via a parking lot after a giant storm? That is what you expect your parking lot to look like after playing No Breaks Valet. The game encompasses a parking lot, cars, and a steering wheel. Up to 4 players can play it. The aim is parking as many cars as possible. After each round, you get tips based on how effectively you park cars in their slots.  No Breaks Valet has little basics, but somehow, you will still find it addictive and hilarious.Importantly, it is a free-to-play game and you can download and play it in just some few minutes on a big screen. After downloading the application, it will launch you into the game-play with no explanation of how to use controls. Its simplicity makes it fun but still addictive. You can play with other people, which makes it an interesting piece to engage with others.No Breaks Valet typically shows you a bird’s-eye view of the parking lot with two entrances, one on the left and the other at the bottom. In each round, expect about twenty cars from each entrance at unpredictable speeds. Therefore, at first, a gamer will not do well in controlling the cars. However, practice makes perfect and as you continue playing, you will improve how you play, which will unlock you to new levels. Why Players Love Playing Players love playing No Breaks Valet because it is a simple and fun game. The fun parts include bumper cars, explosions snowplows, moose, pedestrians, chickens, as well as 8bit graphics. Chicken trucks are powerful and mystical creatures in the game, and anyone would enjoy controlling them. The game is addictive due to the chickening and you should avoid all the hurdles, including pedestrians. The game will keep you occupied while offering a fun experience, especially if you have friends to play with. Generally, it is a good game to pass time with. How To Play No Breaks Valet is played by controlling vehicles and guiding them to a parking spot. You have to ensure that you each car is perfectly parked to earn you more money, which is vital for later stages. However, ensure that you control the momentum of each vehicle, which is archived by hitting slightly on the walls and at the right angle. Failure of doing this will cause you to spin, and you cannot park your vehicle perfectly, which prevents you from advancing. You should avoid parking on the handicap, and for the VIP parking slot, it is only meant for the Prime Minister’s vehicle. You have to master how to control your vehicle and steer it perfectly into a parking slot.  Strategies & Tips Know The Lot The first tip is that you should know your parking lot. All the spaces in your parking lot are a fair game for any car except for two. The first is typically marked a handicap spot and always ensure that you park none of the vehicles here or else you stand to be fined a hefty fine of $20 which greatly impacts your final score. As such, it is advisable that you keep this handicap spot clear. The second type of parking space is a spot that is marked “VIP.” Note that this spot is only meant for the Prime Minister’s vehicle, and the good thing is that the game will alert you of when it enters the screen. You should note that this spot is vital as a perfectly parked VIP vehicle on this spot will fetch you a $50 tip.You need to pay attention to both circumstance spots as they hugely impact your final score. Note that if you accidentally park on the handicap spot or mis-park the VIP vehicle you might as well start the game afresh. You should also know about the additional spaces of the parking lot. For instance, the additional upper spaces on top of the screen are vital as they guarantee a perfectly parked car as they have hard barriers around the sides and the top, which are essential in guiding you in into the parking lot space.You should also note that the two most outermost spots line up perfectly with two entry points at the bottom side of the screen. These will allow you to at least nail two perfectly parked cars without the need of steering, which is achieved by breaking into those spots.You should note that the handicap and the VIP slots are usually placed randomly in each new game, and I some instances, you will end up with a new game that has the VIP spot in one of the upper spots. You can use this to your advantage because this makes it easier to earn the $50 tip for parkin the VIP perfectly.Know Your … Continue reading No Breaks Valet: Strategies, Tips, And Overall Rating

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