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Papa Pear Level 111 Tips & Strategy

Most players of Papa Pear Saga are intimidated when they first see level 111, basically because of the high score that you need to achieve to get past this round. The carrots are arranged in such a way that you need to hit some other fruits first before you get to them. You might easily get rid of some of the carrot pieces at the start of the game, but hitting the more hidden carrots will be another matter. I took a little time to play this stage and figure out the best way to beat it. Here are some tips to help you progress to the next level. Objectives: Remove 45 carrots. Moves: 18 Points: 150,000 Tip #1 Fortunately for you, level 111 of Papa Pear Saga gives you free Fire Papas to help you burn and destroy common pegs faster than normal pears do. The Fire Papa will help you hit the carrots despite the many obstacles. Clear the berries on the left and right sides first so that you can get access to your free Fire Papas. You can also make more Fire Papas by targeting your pear towards the edge of a bucket, then letting it bounce of the wall. Back to Top Tip #2 To increase your score, you can create multiplier pegs by hitting on the same fruits until they are gone. The easiest fruits to get rid of are the red and white radishes, which can be found at the top of the board. Once these radishes are gone, you can hit on the new multiplier pegs that have formed because of the radishes. These boosters multiply your score by 2, 3 or even more. Back to Top Tip #3 Get the Fire Papas into the bamboo columns in the middle of the screen. You will notice that in between the bamboo poles are carrot pieces that you need to hit according to the objective of this level. If you use a normal peg to shoot inside the columns, it just might go straight to the buckets. Hence, a Fire Papa is the best way to get rid of these carrots, since it will burn the carrots more easily. It will be even better if you can combine the Fire Papa with the Papa Grande, as there are also Papa Grande boosters available in this round. I hope these tips have helped you beat this round, and now you’re moving on to the next challenge. The next few stages should be a cakewalk for you, but level 116 is extremely hard (especially since King recently reduced the number of Papas you start with). Back to Top

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