Papa Pear Level 116 Tips & Strategy: How to Beat This Level?

Papa Pear’s developers, King, love tinkering with their games and often decide to change levels that their players are having a difficult time with. In this level, they have decided to increase the toughness level by reducing the starting Papas from 26 to 22. While this make this level more difficult, this does not mean that you cannot get through it. Here are some pointers for level 116 of Papa Pear Saga.

  • Objectives: Remove 42 blackberries.
  • Moves: 22
  • Points: 80,000

Hint #1:

There are 45 blackberries that you can potentially hit in this level, although you only need to remove 42 of them. But to be able to do that, you first need to clear the bubbles that enclose the berries. Hitting the bubbles twice will remove them and gives you a direct access to the blackberries. This is the easiest part in conquering this level, as you can accomplish this using just a few Papas.

Hint #2:

Aside from the fewer balls, what makes level 116 hard is the presence of the watermelons at both sides of the screen. These watermelons throw seeds across the screen, making it harder for your pears to hit the berries once the balloons enclosing them have been popped. You simply can’t target the blackberry because of the fast-moving seeds that act as obstacles.

When a pear hits a seed from the watermelon, this will make it bounce off to different sides of the screen. Therefore, getting rid of the watermelons is the best thing to do, so that they won’t be able to fire seeds that throw you off your targeted blackberries. A couple of bounces off a watermelon will effectively get rid of it.

Hint #3:

To help you hit more blackberries, Fire Papas will be very helpful in this level. Fire Papas are pears that act as fireballs, destroying and burning the fruits that they hit. Although are no Fire Papa pegs in this level, you can make your own Fire Papa by making your pear bounce off the edge of a bucket, then onto the wall. This will certainly let you hoard more berries compared to a normal pear.

The next level you face shouldn’t be very tough, but if you can beat level 118 without any trouble then hats off to you, my friend. Let me know in the comments if you still have trouble with this level after applying the tips I’ve provided here.

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