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Papa Pear Level 118 Tips & Strategy

Level 118 of Papa Pear Saga may seem a bit too easy at first. After all, you only need to bring down the fruits, and the board does not look that challenging. However, the difficulty of this level lies in the crazy number of points that you need to achieve to get to the next round. Hence, you have to prevent the fruits from falling as long as possible in order to rack up more points. This may sound like too great of a challenge, but I assure you if you give it a little bit of time (and you have just an ounce of luck on your side), then you’ll be moving on to the next fun level in no time. Objective: Bring down 2 fruits. Moves: 20 Points: 120,000 Tip #1 The thick layer of radishes beneath the fruits serves as cushion for your fruits. Do not eradicate them just yet in order to finish the level, as you might not reach your target score if you do that. What you need to do is to let the fruits stay in the middle and target the outermost radishes first. This way, you are earning more points and sustaining the game in the process. As for the radishes at the bottom, you can reach them by letting your Papas bounce off the sides of the board. This will target the surrounding radishes, further enabling you to keep the two fruits up. Remember that you can also choose to let one fruit go into the bucket immediately and just keep the other remaining fruit up, but this will be risky since you cannot really determine where your bounces might end up. Back to Top Tip #2 You can also try hitting the pea pods on the left and right side in order to make more pegs and increase your ball’s chances of bouncing off them. Every time you hit a pea pod, they release peas into the game that you can hit to get a score. Targeting the pea pods will definitely help increase your scores, bringing you closer to the 120,000-point mark. Back to Top Tip #3 One booster that will definitely be of help to you in this level will be multipliers. Once you hit multiplier pegs, they can multiply your score by 2, 3, or even more. Try to make at least 3 multipliers in this level to increase your chances of getting the target score. This challenge is similar to level 128, in that what makes each level difficult is the crazy-high number of points needed to meet the objective. Let me know if you’re still having trouble with this stage in the comments below. Back to Top

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