Papa Pear Level 128 Tips & Strategy: How to Beat This Level?

You may have found it easy to score ridiculous amounts of points while playing most levels in Papa Pear Saga. However, things are about to get a little more tricky. Your score on this level can be limited based on the number of papas given to you at the start.

In level 128 of Papa Pear Saga, it might seem impossible at first to get 175,000 points with only 15 pears to start the round. But a systematic way of clearing the pegs will help you maximize your scoring potential. Here are some tips I’ve discovered are the most helpful for conquering this round.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Using the multiplier wisely
Tip #2 – Making new point multipliers quickly
Tip #3 – Which fruits to target last
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  • Objectives: Get 175,000 points.
  • Moves: 15
  • Points: 175,000

Tip #1

You only have one multiplier at the start of this level, so take advantage of it by targeting it first before anything else. This will multiply your score by 2, which is a lot better than trying to score more pegs without using a multiplier. Remember, every papa is precious because of their limited number and the high score that you need to achieve in this level.

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Now that you have used up your lone multiplier, it is time to make new ones. Remember that multiplier pegs are created if you destroy all the fruits or vegetables of the same variety. Fortunately, there are also just a few variations of fruits in this level. To give you more multipliers, target the yellow chilies, acorns, and carrots on top of the first three buckets from the left.

Each time you clear a certain vegetable, you see a new multiplier on your board that you can use to hike up your scores. Just make sure that you keep an eye out for new multipliers so that you can use them immediately to further increase your points, and if there’s anything we at ReadyGamer like more than beating a certain level, it’s amassing huge amounts of points.

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Tip #3

The berries are the most numerous fruits in this round, so you should target them last. Make sure that you use multipliers before targeting the berries so that you can take advantage of their high scoring possibility. Try to clear all the berries so that you can also earn another multiplier before you finish this game.

In general, always be on the lookout for multipliers and you can breeze through this level.

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