Papa Pear Saga Level 143 Tips & Strategy: How I Beat This Level?

Getting the fruits down is your top priority in level 143 of Papa Pear Saga. With only 18 starting papas, it will certainly not be an easy task because of the many obstacles that you first need to get through before you can shoot the fruits into the buckets. What makes it particularly tricky is the group of acorns and strawberries on the sides of the board, which hinder the fruits from dropping. The green radishes also serve as huge obstacles unless you’re able to tip them over.

In spite of these obstacles, getting past this level is possible as long as you know where to aim your pears. The score needed to win this round is also very achievable, so here are some tips that might come in handy for you.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Aim for the sides to create more bounces.
Tip #2 – Target acorns and berries on the sides of the board to help the fruits drop into the buckets.
Tip #3 – Create a Fire Papa to burn the berries under the green radishes and let the latter tip over.
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  • Objective: Bring down 4 fruits.
  • Moves: 18
  • Score: 25,000 points

Tip #1


Getting a lot of bounces before finishing the level is important if you also want to get the target score and move on to the next round. In this level, you can get 25,000 points if you let your pear bounce off the walls first so that it will have lot of bounces on the red radishes as well. You can easily get thousands of points by doing this, effortlessly achieving the target score.

Since you only have 18 moves in this round, you have to maximize these moves by targeting as many bounces as possible. Aiming for the wall usually does the trick.

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Most of the time, the fruits that you need to bring down will be stuck between the green radishes and the acorns and strawberries at the sides of the boards. Since you cannot remove green radishes, what you need to do is aim for the acorns and strawberries so that your fruit can pass through. Remember that you don’t have to remove all of them, but only the ones that are in the way of your fruits.

Popular: Top 10 Papa Pear Tips. Beat the Game’s Most Difficult Levels.

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Tip #3


If you still find your fruits stuck over the green radishes, the best thing that you can do is to let it tip over. You can do that by destroying the three strawberries supporting them underneath, but this is no easy feat unless you manage to let your pear bounce off a bucket, which is certainly not easy to do. What you can do instead is to find a Fire Papa peg on the board. It looks like a red ball peg with a halo around it.

Let your pear hit the Fire Papa peg so that it becomes a Fire Papa, and once it lands on the green radishes, create another Fire Papa and let it land alongside the other one. This will cause both of them to explode, thus burning the strawberries that are underneath the green radishes. The removal of the berries, in turn, will tip the green radishes over, shooting the fruit into the buckets.

Get ready for a more challenging level when you get to Papa Pear Saga level 146.

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