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Papa Pear Saga Level 146 Tips

Your mission level 146 of Papa Pear Saga is to hike up 350,000 points—certainly no small feat. Fortunately, you also have an abundance of fruits and vegetables on the board, and if you hit all of them, you just might be able to get the score that you need. But based on experience, clearing the board is often impossible, especially if you only have 20 starting Papas. The further you get into the game, the harder it becomes to keep the pears bouncing. You would need to create special Papas in order to conquer this level. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind. Objective: Get 350,000 points. Moves: 20 Score: 350,000 points Tip #1 Just like any level that has a high target score, multiplier pegs are of utmost importance. Unfortunately, you won’t see these at the beginning of the level. You have to make those multipliers by removing fruits or vegetables of the same kind. You need to target the blackberries, yellow chillies, and red chillies if you want to create at least three multipliers, since these three are the easiest ones to eradicate at first. Acorns are certainly out of the question due to its sheer number. The multiplier peg appears as a small red ball with an “x” in the middle. Back to Top Tip #2 It has already been established in previous levels that the more bouncing power your Papa Pear has, the higher your collective score will be. At first, this will be pretty easy, since there are so many fruits that you can hit. But as you progress throughout the level, you’ll find that there are fewer pegs to hit. To make the most of your pear’s bouncing power, try to aim at the small crevices and notches that the previous pears have made. This will allow your pear to bounce repeatedly while surrounded by fruits and vegetables, thus hiking up your score. Back to Top Tip #3 To maximize the multipliers that you hit, you can release more than one pear at the same time. The interaction among the multiple pears might help increase your score, especially since you are hitting more fruits and vegetables with multiple Papas. You can also expect to have a giant papa or Papa Grande once you have removed 50 objects on the board, and these can also help hit more objects. After finishing this level, you’ll have to deal with bubbles in Papa Pear level 180. Back to Top

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