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Papa Pear Saga Level 180 Tips

Bubbles and spikes—these are the things that you will be facing in level 180 of Papa Pear Saga. Your goal is to light up all the buckets, which would have been easy if there are no spikes at the sides of the board that keep on messing up your game. To be honest, I repeated this level several times because I could not seem to figure out how to light up the buckets located at the edges. If anything, I managed to light them up by accident. Fortunately for you, I have already devised a Papa Pear strategy that will help you win this level. Read on to find out more about it. Objective: Light up the buckets. Moves: 20 Score: 9,000 points Tip #1 Don’t think of the bubbles as obstacles because they will be a big help to you in this level. Start the game by hitting the flowers that create bubbles so that the edges of the board will be covered with bubbles. These will also cover the spiked objects floating at the sides so that they will not cause any disruption to the bouncing pears. It will be very hard to win this level if you don’t cover the spiked objects with bubbles, so make sure that you do this step. Back to Top Tip #2 Once you have covered the sides with bubbles, it is time to light up the side buckets. You can do this by targeting the wall and letting the pear slide by the sides, so that it will shoot into the side bucket. Don’t worry about popping the balloons, since it won’t have much difference in the game. Trying to light up the side buckets without using this strategy will depend so much on luck. Your 20 starting Papas may not be enough to get your mission done, so this is your best bet. Back to Top Tip #3 As for the inner buckets, all you need to do is to shoot them with your pear directly. This is the easiest part of this round, although you have to do it only after you have already cleared all the acorns in the middle of the board. Don’t bother with the score as 9,000 points is very easy to achieve. When you finish this level, you will get a chance to play a tougher round once you reach Papa Pear level 187. Trust me, you’ll need all the help you can get on that one. I know I did. Back to Top

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