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Papa Pear Saga Level 187 Tips

Your goal in level 187 of Papa Pear Saga is to make 12 power-ups using only 24 Papas. If you know how to make those power-ups, then you only have half of the problem solved. With all the distracting watermelon seeds and bubbles that will try to prevent you from hitting your aim, level 187 should certainly not be taken with a grain of salt. But like what I said, knowing how to make power-ups can be very helpful for you in this level. Here are the ways on how to do those power-ups, plus some strategies for Papa Pear Saga on how to win this round. Objective: Use 12 power-ups. Moves: 24 Score: 65,000 points Tip #1 One of the biggest obstacles that you will encounter in this level is the presence of watermelon shooting their seeds. This will make it hard for you to aim for whatever you are trying to target, since the seeds fly off very quickly. What you need to do is to get rid of the watermelons by trying to hit them several times. I know it’s going to be hard, but just keep on trying by aiming on the walls first, and then letting your pear bounce towards the watermelons. You’ll be accomplishing two things in this move—you’ll get rid of the seeds and you’ll make multiplier pegs, which appear when you have cleared any kind of fruit in the game. Since the watermelons are the fewest fruits in the level, it will be easier to clear them compared to other objects. Back to Top Tip #2 Another power-up that you can aim to create is the Fire Papa, which can also be beneficial for your game. It is stronger than the normal pear because it can destroy more fruits and vegetables once it turns into a fireball. You might want to use this to target hard-to-remove objects, like the watermelons for instance. To make a Fire Papa, you need to hit a bucket’s edge, and then make it bounce off a wall. It won’t be easy by any means, but you can probably do this later in the game, once you have minimized the number of objects on the board. Back to Top Tip #3 The Split Papa can also be possibly created in this level. This power-up clones your pear so that have an extra pear on the board hiking up more points and destroying more objects for you. To create this, you need to make your pear bounce on a bucket’s edge for at least five times. You can do this by aiming between the first and second bucket or between the fourth and fifth bucket. Papa Pear Saga can be a very challenging game, so if you want to take a breath of fresh air, try playing Farm Heroes Saga level 16. If you know Candy Crush, then it will definitely be easy for you to master this new game. Back to Top

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