Papa Pear Level 77 Tips & Strategy: How to Beat This Level?

Level 77 is a fun and easy level because of the many opportunities to score really high. There are five multipliers to be found in this level of Papa Pear Saga, which will enable you to hike up your points and achieve the goal of the level.

Do not be intimidated by the high score that you need to get since the board is also full of various pegs that will increase your Papa Pear’s chances of bouncing off. I personally had a ton of fun playing this level, and I think you will too. Here are some tips to help you achieve your objective.

Quick Guide

Tip #1 – Where to begin using your moves
Tip #2 – What to do after you’ve cleared the carrots
Tip #3 – Avoiding the Fire Papa
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  • Objective: Score 750,000 points.
  • Moves: 15
  • Points: 750,000

Tip #1

Start the level by hitting the carrots in the middle. The contour of the carrots will enable your Papa Pear to bounce off and to hit a lot of pegs to boost your score. If you hit the carrots straight in the middle, there is a very high tendency for Papa Pear to bounce straight up, giving it momentum and letting it hit many different fruits before finally going into the bucket.

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After clearing the carrots, try to remove the berries on each side of the peas since they give out high scores. Remember that hitting the pea pods releases some peas into the board, hence adding more pegs for Papa Pear to bounce off. Aiming for the berries will also make Papa Pear hit the pea pods, hence releasing more pea pegs in the board and giving you better chances of increasing your score.

You can also use two Papa Pears simultaneously to have both of these balls working on the left and right side of the peas. This will quicken the release of peas by the pods, letting both of your Papa Pears hit as many pegs as possible.

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Tip #3

While the Fire Papa can be advantageous in most levels, it is best to avoid creating one in level 77. Using a Fire Papa can kill your pea pods, thus greatly diminishing your chances of scoring high because there will be no more extra peas for you to hit.

The Fire Papa is made by making Papa Pear bounce of the edge of a bucket and then letting it bounce against the wall. Avoid aiming for this move to decrease your chances of accidentally making a Fire Papa.

The next guide we’ve put together is on level 111, where you’ll need to score a mega-high number of points to pass the challenge.

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