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Are you stuck on a level of Papa Pear Saga that is seemingly impossible to beat? The entire community here at ReadyGamer would like to help you. We’ve crafted thorough guides for each difficult level we’ve come across so far, and we’ll only keep on making ’em. Here’s a list of the hardest levels we’ve played so far (keep these in mind as you get closer and closer to them while you’re playing): If we’re missing a level you think deserves a guide here on ReadyGamer, or if you need our help on a certain obstacle, let us know in the comments. Until then, keep reading for a look at some very handy tips I’ve picked up while playing the game for as long as I have. Top 10 Most Useful Papa Pear Tips, Tricks & Cheats If you enjoyed playing the classic Peggle in the past, then you will surely have fun playing Papa Pear Saga. In this game, you need to shoot pegs made of acorns, vegetables, and other objects using pear-shaped balls, and then shoot the ball into the hungry buckets waiting at the bottom of the screen. As the game progresses, the levels also become more and more challenging as you are required to finish different objectives. Here are ten cheats, tips, and tricks to help you conquer Papa Pear Saga. 1. Fire multiple pears in time-pressured levels. While most of the levels only require you to clear every peg with the highest possible score, there are also levels that put you under time pressure. You can quickly increase your score by firing off multiple pears at one time. This way, you can reach your target score rapidly, even though you will also use up a lot of pears. 2. Aim for boosters and power ups. There are many power ups available in the game, so you should try to hit them to hike up your scores. Here are some of the power ups that you might encounter. Multiplier pin – Depending on the type of multiplier, this can multiply your score by 2, 3, or more. Grande pin – This can make your pears bigger, helping you remove more pegs. Double pin – This blue pin will make an extra Papa Pear ball to give you extra points. Fire pin – This will make your pear become surrounded by a fire halo, which is faster and will hence hit more pegs. Wake–up pin – This colorful pin will automatically light up the bucket for points. 3. Hit as many pegs as possible. If you want to get high scores, try to make your pear bounce to as many pegs as possible before it hits the buckets. The more pegs you hit, the higher your score. 4. Shoot the pear directly into the buckets for extra points. On the other hand, you can earn 1000 points just by aiming directly at the buckets without hitting any pegs. This is a great way to earn extra points, especially if you have a clear game board already. 5. Complete objectives early on. Once you fulfill the objectives in the level you are playing, this will trigger a “Pear Fever” bonus, in which the remaining pears in the shooter will be released. This will help you score high points and earn stars. 6. Request for additional lives from Facebook friends. If you fail to achieve the objectives in a level, you lose one of your five lives. This will be refilled within 30 minutes. However, you can opt to get lives at a faster pace by connecting your Papa Pear Saga account to your Facebook page so that you can request lives from you Facebook friends. 7. Simplify your objectives. As previously mentioned, the objectives in the game change in every level. There are times when there are multiple objectives, such as reaching a certain score and putting a pear in every bucket. In cases like these, opt to reach the high score first before filling the buckets. It is easier to clear the pegs and aim for the buckets with a clear board rather than the other way around. Think of ways to reduce the complexity of your goals in each level. 8. Aim at the corner buckets. Since it is easier to shoot pears in the middle buckets, put more effort in aiming for the corner buckets. Once you have cleared the screen, it will be easy for you to aim at the middle buckets. 9. Try to earn special multiplier booster pegs. You can create a multiplier power up by destroying the pegs of the same type of fruit or vegetable. For instance, if you clear the board of all acorns, you earn a multiplier peg that will double your score once hit. 10. Make the most of your gold bars. Gold bars are your currency in Papa Pear Saga. Use them to buy extra lives, boosters, and Papa Pears for more gaming fun. Watch the video above for a fun trailer produced for Papa Pear Saga. It’s a nice little teaser if you haven’t played the game yet. If you’re already a regular player, I’m glad! I hope the tips provided here on ReadyGamer will help you be an even better player than you already are.

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