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Papa Pear Saga Level 140 Tips

Getting 350,000 points in level 140 of Papa Pear Saga can sound really intimidating, especially with only 20 Papa Pears to start with. You can only pray that you rack up as many points as you can so that you don’t have to repeat this level over and over again. That was exactly what happened to me when I played this level, but thankfully, I learned a number of things along the way, which helped me get past this level. Sure, the trajectory of the Papa Pear is largely based on luck, but it won’t hurt to have a few strategies to employ in this level. Objective: Get 350,000 points. Moves: 20 Score: 350,000 points Tip #1 At first, letting the Papa Pears bounce as much as you can will not be a problem, since there are so many obstacles between the pear shooter and the buckets. But as you go along the level, it will seem a lot easier to just shoot the Papa Pears into the buckets. After all, there is also a corresponding point for that. But with 350,000 points to reach, the best strategy that you can do is to aim the Papa Pears at the fruits so that it will bounce many times before reaching the buckets. You no longer have any control on the number of bounces that your Papa Pear will make, but at least try to give it a good aim. Back to Top Tip #2 The two watermelons in this level are very annoying because of the seeds that they continue to spout. While these seeds can help you create more bounce, they can also work to your disadvantage as they prevent you from aiming properly. To get rid of these pesky watermelons and their seeds, do not aim directly at them. Instead, aim at the strawberries below the watermelons. Your Papa Pear will then hit the watermelons from the rear, so do this repeatedly to totally destroy the watermelons. Back to Top Tip #3 Garnering 350,000 points in this game can only be possible if you can multiply your score. During my last attempt, I was able to multiply my score 12 times, helping me reach 350,000 points with around three Papa Pears remaining. What you need to do is to destroy the cans hovering in the middle of the board. They contain multiplier balls that you should aim at and hit in order to multiply your score several times. With that, it will be fairly easy to get 350,000 points. After trying to reach a target score, get ready to bring down some fruits when you reach Papa Pear Saga level 143. Back to Top

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