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Pet Rescue Saga Level Tips, Hints & Tricks

Does a particular Pet Rescue Saga level seem impossible to beat? Not to worry – we’ll provide the best tips, tricks, and cheats to beat any level in the game. Browse the list of the hardest Pet Rescue levels we’ve played to-date below. If a level you’re having difficulty with does not appear in the list below, please get in touch with us and we’ll be sure to add it as soon as possible. Also, be sure to comment on any one of our level guides if you’re still having trouble – or if you simply want to brag about your recent victories. ReadyGamer was designed as a way for players to help and interact with each other while playing the games they love. So, all you Pet Rescuers out there, lets hear it! Top 10 Helpful Pet Rescue Tips, Tricks & Cheats Pet Rescue Saga is a challenging game that requires you to have strategies before you can conquer a certain level. There were many times when I got stuck trying to finish a level, and I realized that random block smashing will not do. You really have to think and plan your every move to achieve your goals. Here are some tips that might come in handy for Pet Rescue Saga players out there. Pay attention to your goal. You have different goals in every level of Pet Rescue Saga. Sometimes, you have to save a certain number of pets. Other times, you have to clear a percentage of the blocks. Hence, you are not supposed to clear all the blocks in every stage. Take note of your goal so that you do not stray away from what you need to do to advance to the next level. Focus on your goal only. Choose your boosters. Some levels are very difficult to go through. You have the option of buying power-ups or boosters, but they can be pretty costly especially if you rely too much on them. If you really must buy boosters, focus on the most useful ones. The Block Buster Booster will help you get rid of a single block, which is very helpful if there is only one block standing between your pet and the floor. The Balloon Booster is also helpful in popping blocks of the same color. Conserve your boosters. You will get free boosters in some levels when those boosters are just being introduced. While you may be required by the game to use one of those boosters to test it out, try to conserve the remaining free boosters that you got. Only use them when you really need them. Focus on your pets. Most levels will ask you to save your pets and get a certain number of score. Do not worry too much about the score since every move you make will have corresponding points. Every pet that you bring down is equivalent to 1000 points, so instead of focusing on how to get big points, focus on getting your pets down to the floor. Oftentimes, this is the much harder task. Make big clusters of blocks. Bigger clusters mean bigger points. Try to join the single blocks with bigger groups of blocks of the same color so that you get extra points. Furthermore, this will charge your rocket booster in a faster manner. The rocket booster is a free booster that is present in a lot of levels. Ask for lives from Facebook friends. If you ever run out of lives, you can always connect to Facebook and ask lives from friends who are also playing Pet Rescue Saga. However, do not claim lives if you have complete lives, since these will not be credited. Instead, just claim lives given by friends after you have ran out of lives. Watch out for Pet Snatchers. Your pets will be taken by Pet Snatchers if they are located at the top of the screen and there are no more valid moves. If you are trying to save a certain number of pets, the loss of one pet could easily make you fail your objective. Therefore, you should pay attention to the pets that are on top of the screen. You will always know if they are on the brink of being snatched if they are shaking. Save bombs and boosters. Occasionally, you will encounter bombs and free boosters throughout the level. Do not waste these as they can be very crucial for the completion of a level. Use them when there are really no more color matches to make, or towards the end of the level. If you think that there is a way not to use a booster, then try it out first because you might need the booster for something else later on. Use the pet delay to your advantage. After setting a pet loose, there are a few seconds before that pet leaves the screen. Use this delay to break blocks above the pet that still haven’t adjusted to the pet’s absence. Who know, you might get a few combos from those blocks. Play Pet Rescue Saga on your computer. Most of us are used to playing games on our tablets and phones. What you probably don’t know is that if you play it on Facebook via computer, you’ll get free boosters that you wouldn’t otherwise get from your device. So if there are times when you are really having trouble getting through a level, give it a try on your computer.

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