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Pet Rescue Saga Level 129 Tips

You only need to save three pets in order to achieve the level objective in level 129 of Pet Rescue Saga. However, this might not be as easy as it sounds, based on the number of metal blocks and meshed boxes in this level. Sure, you have two columns of bombs and two line blasters, but knowing when and how to use them is the key to winning this level. While you’ll certainly need a lucky board to get past this level, it does not hurt to have a little strategy in place. Here are the Pet Rescue cheats that I did to get past this level. Objective: Save 3 pets. Moves: Unlimited Points: 10,000 points Tip #1 Releasing the key and using it is vital in winning this level. If you don’t do it, the bombs will not be unlocked and it will be completely impossible to get any of the pets down. The key sits atop a metal block, and the only way that you can release the key is to get rid of the metal box. To do this, use the line blaster booster to remove the metal block. You can either use the left or right line blast booster. Start this level by using that booster not just to acquire the key but also to remove the mesh around some of the colored blocks. Back to Top Tip #2 Before you use the key, however, try to get rid of as many colored blocks as possible. This will help get your pets closer to the metal blocks, and you will only need to bomb those blocks to save your pets. After removing as many colored blocks as you can, unlock the key boxes, and then remove more colored blocks if you see any combinations. Another reason why you should remove the colored blocks is to increase your points, so that you can activate the free rocket booster at least once in this level. This booster will be very valuable in this level, especially if you get stuck in a rut. Back to Top Tip #3 Save the bombs for the metal blocks in the end. You have a lot of bombs, but take note that you won’t have much use for the bombs on the right side because it is very easy to detonate more than one bomb at a time. The bombs on the leftmost column will be very handy though, since they explode only one at a time. You should also be on the lookout for any regular matches on the colored blocks so that you prevent wasting bombs on these blocks. If you’re having a grand time with meshed boxes, you’ll encounter them once again on Pet Rescue Saga level 145. They’ll be double meshed though, which makes them more challenging to get rid of. Back to Top

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