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Pet Rescue Saga Level 145 Tips

There is essentially only one thing that you need to do in order to save the two pets required in this level, and that is to unlock the locked boxes where these two pets are standing on. The problem is that the key to these locked boxes are found on the very top row of double meshed boxes. The score requirement is pretty high as well. This won’t definitely be an easy round. However, I managed to finish level 145 of Pet Rescue Saga in just one try. Perhaps I had a lucky board, but I think I owe it more to the Pet Rescue strategies that I used. Here are some tips that you might find helpful in this level. Objective: Save 2 pets. Moves: 40 Points: 23,000 points Tip #1 There are two balloons available for you in this level. Do not just use them on a whim, because these balloons will be very helpful in achieving your level objective. While I was playing this round, I used the balloons for two purposes. I used one of them when I had a problem freeing up one of the double meshed blocks, and then I used the other balloon for increasing my points by blasting off a huge number of same-colored blocks on the board. These two moves definitely helped me bring down the key that will free the pets and achieve the high score needed to complete the level. Back to Top Tip #2 I made most of my moves on the bottom center of the board, since that is where I have the ability to unlock the meshed boxes. Every now and then, I made moves on other parts of the board, but only if those can help me unlock the meshed boxes where I got stuck in. Another way to get unstuck is to use the available line blaster boosters on meshed boxes that you can’t seem to unlock. Back to Top Tip #3 If you see a large group of colored blocks on the board, don’t hesitate to remove them. This will give you a hefty number of points that can help you achieve your score requirement. Remember that you can never pass this level if you don’t achieve 23,000 points, so you have to make the score requirement as much of a priority as saving two pets. When you get past this level, you will get a chance to play Pet Rescue Saga level 204, which requires you to save five pets from a pretty huge board. Back to Top

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