How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 27 Hints – Help and Level Walkthrough

Just like the other blue levels in Pet Rescue Saga, level 27 looks like there are too few moves compared to the number of pets that you need to save. You really need to employ good tactics in order to achieve your goal and score the required number of points to get through to the next level.

I scratched my head and went back and forth on this level, spending several lives until I finally beat it. It was a painstaking journey, I’ll tell you that much – but level 27 of Pet Rescue can be beaten, as you’ll find out by studying this guide.

Quick Guide

Hint #1 – Where to start using your moves
Hint #2 – My booster tip
Hint #3 – Tip for dropping pets
Comments – Leave a comment if you’re stuck and I’ll try to help.

  • Objective: Save 8 pets.
  • Moves: 60
  • Points: 20,000 points

Start removing the blocks directly below the pets you are going to save. Remember that your moves are limited to 60 moves only. Furthermore, a new pet will only appear once you have saved a pet. The faster you save a pet, the more moves that you have for the remaining pets that are not yet shown on the board.

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Hint #2:

This is the perfect level to use boosters. The best booster to use during this round is the block buster booster, especially if you only have one block left before your pet can touch the floor. There are also balloons on the board; use them to remove a single block between your pet and the floor to save moves.

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Hint #3:

Strategize where to put the next pet. As a rule, the next pet will appear on the column where you just crushed a block. And since you can choose which block to bust, you have the choice where to place your next pet. Remember, choose wisely!

Now, the next level you face shouldn’t be too difficult – but level 29 could prove to be a tall task for any gamer. Be sure to check out our new level guide if you get stuck.

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