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Pet Rescue Saga Level 279 Tips

There are a lot of boosters available to you in level 279 of Pet Rescue Saga, but you also have to deal with loads of metal blocks. Even though you don’t have a move limit in this level, the timed balloons might make it seem like there is. After all, you’ll need these balloons to help you free the caged pets at the very bottom of the board. In this level, you have to learn how to maximize the boosters that were given to you, else it will be very difficult to get to the next round. Here are some tips for Pet Rescue Saga that might come in handy. Objective: Save 5 pets. Moves: Unlimited Score: 25,000 points Tip #1 Occasionally, you will find line blaster boosters peppered throughout the board. Use these to get rid of the metal boxes under the timed balloons. If you don’t get rid of the metal blocks, they might serve as a hindrance in completing the goal of saving all the five caged pets at the bottom of the board. To make sure that it has a huge impact, try to arrange most of the metal blocks in one row first before activating this booster. Also, try not to pop any of the balloons accidentally. Back to Top Tip #2 Aside from line blaster boosters, you also have rocket boosters to help you clear the metal blocks. Aim for odd-numbered columns because the caged pets are also located in these columns. The metal blocks in the other columns are not that important, so you should sort out your priorities when using the rocket boosters. To easily get a rocket booster, aim for blasting large groups of same-colored blocks. It is unavoidable to pop a balloon when you use the rocket booster, but try to at least save one balloon color each until the end of the game. Back to Top Tip #3 Pop the balloons only at the very end once you catch sight of the caged pets. Those balloons have the same colors as the cages. If you don’t use the balloons for this purpose, you will have to face the almost impossible task of freeing the caged pets without any same-colored block around it. Also, consider these timed balloons as your moves limit because you wouldn’t want those balloons to automatically pop without the cages in sight. Once you finish this level, you will be treated to more boosters and pets to save in Pet Rescue Saga level 289. Back to Top

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