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Pet Rescue Saga Level 289 Tips

You have 60 moves to finish level 289 of Pet Rescue Saga, which might seem too at first. But with the amount of work that you need to do in this level, you’ll soon realize that 60 moves just might be enough. As in any other level of Pet Rescue Saga, using the given boosters wisely should be of paramount importance. There are so many line blaster boosters that you might be tempted to use them right away, but they will be very valuable in achieving your objective of saving nine pets. Here are some Pet Rescue cheats that you should keep in mind to get past this round. Objective: Save 9 pets. Moves: 60 Score: 17,000 points Tip #1 Freeing the pets is easier when they are still at the top of the board. Since the color of their cages is different from the colors of the blocks, you need to maneuver them close to one another so that you can free a lot of pets in just one click. You may also line them up in a row and column, and then use a vertical or horizontal line blaster booster to free those pets. Just make sure that the booster is facing towards the side that you are targeting, since they are rotating in their places. Back to Top Tip #2 Line blaster boosters are not only helpful in releasing pets from their cages, but also in making sure that they step on the ground and get saved. This can be done by always leaving a horizontal line blaster booster at the bottom row. That way, if you cannot find a match for the bottom blocks, you can always rely on them to take the pet down by blasting those blocks that stand between the pets and the ground. Back to Top Tip #3 Don’t forget that you also have rocket boosters that will help you achieve your level objective. You can use the rocket booster in saving pets that are stuck on ledges. To do this, once the pet is already standing on the ledge, activate the rocket booster in the column to the left of the pet. That way, the pet will be moved towards the left, and will touch the ground, hence saving it. Just remember that you need to destroy huge groups of blocks in order to charge the rocket booster. If you think level 289 is already hard, then get ready to play Pet Rescue Saga level 320. Take all the luck that you can get because you are going to need it in this level. Back to Top

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