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Pet Rescue Saga Level 29 Hints

Level 29 of Pet Rescue can be particularly tricky since you have to remove almost all of the blocks. There are two versions of this level: the first one contains balloons, the second one doesn’t. Other than that, the same strategies can be employed to both versions of this level. OK, seriously, look at all of those balloons. Doesn’t that just make you feel happy inside? I hope so, because that’s the only pleasing thing you’ll find about this stage of the game. Hang in there, though, you can beat it with a little patience and a few handy tips. Objective: Clear 99% of the blocks. Moves: Unlimited Points: 16,000 points Hint #1: Get rid of all the balloons. The balloons don’t serve much purpose here, since there are very few same color blocks on the screen. Just pop all of the balloon columns to get the bombs on top of them. You can use these bombs for later. If you have the second version of level 29, you don’t have to bother with the balloons because they have been removed from the game. Back to Top Hint #2: Do not forget to charge your rocket so that you can use it to break the mesh in some blocks and to release they key if needed. Try to make as many block combinations as you can, and if you get stuck in a rut, use the rocket. The mesh breaker is also very useful for this level. Back to Top Hint #3: Make small block matches on top so that you end up with big chunks of blocks at the end of the level. This will prevent your game from having a checkerboard pattern, which won’t allow you to make any matches. Once you’ve finished this level, you have level 30 to look forward to. If there’s one thing you should know by now about Pet Rescue Saga, it’s that the levels don’t get any easier the more you play. So get ready for yet another challenge. Back to Top

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