How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 30 Hints – Help and Level Walkthrough

The previous version of level 30 involved rescuing 8 pets, but apparently players found this difficult because their pets kept getting stuck on the ledges at the far left corner of the screen. Thus, developers of Pet Rescue Saga came up with a new version of this level, which is equally hard but can be conquered with the right strategies.

See all of those locked boxes? You’re going to need to collect the key you should see in the middle of the board before you can open those boxes and move on in the game. This isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do well, so follow these tips and you should have little trouble.

Quick Guide

Hint #1 – Breaking the key first
Hint #2 – Clearing massive amounts of blocks
Hint #3 – Preserving the bombs
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  • Objective: Clear 100% of the blocks.
  • Moves: unlimited
  • Points: 25,470 points

The most crucial thing to do in this level is to break the key so that you can remove the locked blocks. Remember that these locked blocks are part of the blocks that you need to clear. To do this, make sure that your key is in the middle to avoid getting stuck in the corners, and then clear all the blocks below it until the glass breaks when it reaches the bottom. However, do not activate the key right away.

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Hint #2:

Clear as many blocks as you can after breaking the key. Do not forget about charging your rocket so that you can use it to clear more blocks. For this level, you don’t need to use boosters early on. If you still have any remaining blocks by the end of the level, you can use your boosters to unlock the next one.

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Hint #3:

Preserve the bombs until the end of the game. These will come in handy when you run out of moves. For this reason, you might not even need to use boosters at all.

Clearing all of the blocks is an imposing task, but you should be able to do it and move on to Pet Rescue level 31 by employing the correct techniques and not being reckless in clearing your blocks.

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