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Pet Rescue Saga Level 31 Hints

At first glance, the two-tiered design of this level might seem imposing. How can you rescue the pets located in the second tier when it is surrounded by mesh blocks? Furthermore, you can only make moves in the upper tier. In this level, you will definitely need to gain rockets in order to accomplish your objective and move on to the next level. Similar to the previous challenge you faced, you’ll be expected to break open those locked boxes before you can move on in the game. You should see about 14 of these boxes. If you’re ready to clear level, then my guide below will help you do so. Objective: Save 2 pets. Moves: 30 Points: 28,000 Hint #1: The first thing that you need to do on this Pet Rescue Saga level is to clear out the blocks on the upper tier. Although this will not directly save your pets, you need to do this in order to charge your rockets. Try to make big clusters of same-colored blocks to earn extra rockets and to hike up your points. Back to Top Hint #2: As for those rockets, you will need them to unlock your pets. This is actually the easy part, since you don’t need to do anything in the second tier other than to save your pets. Once you have used up a rocket, just go back to the first tier and crash more blocks to gain more points and rockets. Back to Top Hint #3: Saving your pets is the easy part, but gaining the enough number of points to advance to the next level will be tricky. That is why you need to release the key in the second tier so that you can unlock the locked blocks in the first tier, making it easier for you to produce clusters of blocks and gain more points. This will make it easier for you to achieve the required number of points, and hence move on to level 32  and then level 33 of Pet Rescue Saga. Back to Top

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