How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 36 Hints – Help & Level Walkthrough

Because of the number of pets that you need to save, level 36 is a pretty difficult level in Pet Rescue Saga. You also don’t have new power ups to use, unless you have spare power ups in your inventory or are willing to spend a few bucks to buy one.

Collecting the required number of pets is made especially difficult since there are only two bombs as at your disposal throughout the entire level. All I can say about that is: good luck. Fortunately, rockets are available in this level, and these can help you achieve your objective.

Quick Guide

Hint #1 – Tip for using the rocket
Hint #2 – Making big clusters
Hint #3 – Conserving the bombs and using them wisely
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  • Objective: Save 9 pets.
  • Moves: Unlimited
  • Points: 20,000

Hint #1:


Rockets will be very handy in this level, since they can be used to help complete your objective every time the meter gets fully charged. Target the column where the pet is to clear the blocks beneath that pet.

If your pet happened to be stuck on a ledge, target the rocket to the left of that pet, since this will cause the pet to move to the left side, hence freeing it from the ledge. Use rockets strategically since you need to charge them first before being able to use them.

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Hint #2:

You can easily charge your rockets by making big clusters of blocks. Of course, groups of two or three blocks will also help charge your rocket, but it will be a slow process. Big clusters charge your rockets faster, making them available whenever you need them.

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Hint #3:


You will only have two bombs available in this level, so save them for your most dire need. Bombs should be used when there are really no moves left, or when there are only a couple of blocks between your pet and the floor. Focus on making block clusters first before using the bombs.

Remember to focus on clearing out the big clusters of blocks on this level. Once you’ve finished, you’re not in for any less of a challenge with the next level of Pet Rescue. Hang in there, though, and check back in here at ReadyGamer if you have any trouble (or if you beat the level handily!).

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