How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 37 Hints – Help & Level Walkthrough

According to players, level 37 is one of the most challenging levels in Pet Rescue Saga. It is difficult enough to save 8 pets without losing any of them. Plus, you still need to reach 50,000 points, which is a remarkably high score requirement. That means that you should also take advantage of big clusters of blocks to reach the required score and advance to the next level (and you won’t likely face as tough a challenge as this one until level 40 of Pet Rescue). You will also encounter locked blocks in this level that need to be unlocked with keys.

  • Objective: Save 8 pets.
  • Moves: Unlimited
  • Points: 50,000

Hint #1:

If you don’t have any Block Blaster Boosters in your inventory, then it is time to stock up on those because you will need them in getting rid of isolated blocks near the end of the game. Without these, it would be very difficult to get past this level. At least, you will have three extra chances to remove unwanted blocks.

Hint #2:

Focus on clearing out the left side of the screen first. This will prevent you from unlocking the keys by mistake. Remember that you need your keys to remove the locked boxes, so you have to keep an eye on them. Furthermore, you can prevent the pets from obstructing the keys when your start crushing blocks on the left side first.

Hint #3:

When you have unlocked the first set of stones, everything becomes extra difficult. You have to carry the key all the way down and keep an eye on your pets. Because of this, save your rockets (as you did on level 31) and Block Blaster Boosters until you have unlocked the first set of stones. Use the rockets first to get rid of block columns, and then use the Block Blaster Boosters near the end of the level for individual blocks.

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