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How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 42 Hints

Level 42 is the last level for this particular episode of Pet Rescue Saga. Naturally, it will also be one of the most challenging. Because of the limited number of moves for this level, you have to think of your every move so that you do not run out of moves in the end. Furthermore, you have to reach the required number of points and save the pets to clear this round. To me, this was the hardest level I had to pass since Pet Rescue Saga level 33. Now that I say that, though, you’ll probably breeze through the level and brag in the comment section (that’s OK, I can take the heat). Objective: Save 6 pets. Moves: 25 Points: 20,000 Hint #1: The first thing that you need to do is to clear all the blocks under the key in order to activate it. The key will unlock all the locked blocks, helping you get rid of a huge number of blocks. This is perhaps the easiest thing to do in Level 42 of Pet Rescue, since you only have to make 1-3 moves to break the key and activate it. Back to Top Hint #2: After you have activated the key, remember not to make any matches first. The rocket should have been charged by this time, so you need to use it on the second column from the left. This is the column with 2 bombs in it. Do not confuse it with a similar-looking column on the right side. Back to Top Hint #3: After using the rocket, you will have saved a pet already. This pet will also break a box containing a bomb. Detonate this bomb in order to remove the surrounding steel boxes and rescue two more pets. The first steps are the most critical in playing this level. After releasing your first three pets, you should score the most points and save the other three pets by selecting the biggest block matches and activating the colored balloons. Do not also forget to use the rocker once you have charged it. The next level will also be a bit of a challenge – be prepared for it, and be sure to check our level guide if you have any trouble. Back to Top

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