How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 43 Hints – Help & Level Walkthrough

For most players of Pet Rescue Saga, level 43 is a fun one to beat. There is just barely enough moves that you can use in order to save the 4 pets needed to advance to the next level. You also don’t need to buy more boosters, since you can finish this level without using boosters.

After this level, you likely won’t face a tough challenge until level 47 of Pet Rescue. Here are some tips to remember in order to accomplish your goal and score 16,000 points.

Quick Guide

Hint #1 – How to score more points
Hint #2 – Which boosters are most useful
Hint #3 – Best chance for beating the objective
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  • Objective: Save 4 pets.
  • Moves: 30
  • Points: 16,000

Hint #1:

pet-rescue-saga-level-43-450x366-2925611 You can score high points and charge your rocket booster by clearing large clusters of blocks. As much as possible, try to include the blocks with 2x multipliers in big clusters so that you get higher points and charge your rocket booster faster. Just make sure that you clear as many blocks as possible with every move, since you only have 30 moves to complete this level.

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Hint #2:

Your best friends for this level are the rockets or column blasters. Remember that you can only blast the metal boxes by using the rockets.  Once you have charged a rocket, remember to use it on the metal boxes to get rid of them. It is especially helpful in trying to get a pet to the floor.

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Hint #3:


Remember that your priority here is to get all 4 pets safely to the floor. Remove blocks below the pets and blast metal boxes that appear between the pet and the floor. Do not worry much about hitting the required number of points because if you follow the tips stated above, you will effortlessly hit 16,000 points.

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