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How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 48 Hints

While level 48 appears to be a relatively simple level, what makes it difficult for some people is the presence of metal boxes, as well as those enclosed in wire mesh. The latter is pretty easy to get rid of, but metal boxes can only be removed by using bombs or boosters. If you want to beat this Pet Rescue level without paying for boosters (which I strongly recommend you try to do), then check out the following hints to help you do so. Objective: Save 7 pets. Moves: Unlimited Points: 20,000 Hint #1: Even though there are a lot of metal boxes in this level, you also have an abundance of bombs to use at your convenience. Use bombs to get rid of these metal blocks, especially when your pets are stepping on these boxes. Remember that you cannot match the metal boxes with any other type of boxes, so this is the only way that you can get rid of them if you don’t want to use any boosters. Use your bombs wisely. Back to Top Hint #2: Similar to level 40, the score requirement of 20,000 points is pretty high, so if you want to beat that, you have to make large clusters of same-colored blocks. In addition, crushing these large clusters will help your rocket booster get easily charged in this level. The rocket booster is very handy for blasting columns of single blocks that you cannot match with other blocks. You can also use the rocket booster for helping your pets reach the floor. Back to Top Hint #3: There are eight pets present in this round, but you only need to save seven. However, this does not mean that you should no longer be careful with your pets. If your pets are situated on tall columns, try to get them down as soon as possible so that they won’t get knocked down once you run out of moves. You can only afford to lose a pet once, so keep that in mind and take care of your pets. The next ten levels or so didn’t give too much of a fight, but we’ll make sure we cover them if the Readygamer community wishes it so. In the mean time, the next challenge you’ll likely face won’t be until level 59 of Pet Rescue, so be sure to check back here once you get there. Back to Top

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