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How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 59 Hints

Many players have complained regarding the difficulty of this level. In fact, your odds of beating level 59 mostly depend on luck, so you have to pray hard for a good board. So, cross your fingers (or don’t – that would make playing a touch-based game fairly difficult, I’d imagine). The complexity of this level lies not in your intended points, but in the board itself, which is so small that it’s hard to find block combinations. Careful planning and strategizing is essential in this round. Here are some Pet Rescue tips that you might find useful. Objective: Clear 85% of the blocks. Moves: Unlimited Points: 15,000 Hint #1: Release the key first so as to unlock all the locked boxes. Remember that these locked boxes also count as blocks that you need to clear. If you don’t focus on this from the start, you might find it hard to look for block combinations that will free the key later on. Furthermore, removing the locked blocks will rearrange most of the blocks in the board, hence helping you find more combinations. Start with finding matches at the center column since this is where the key is located. Back to Top Hint #2: There is a rocket booster in this level. However, don’t go trigger-happy and use it every time it gets charged. Be wise in using your rocket booster and only use it when you have no more moves left. You should aim for the column with the most blocks so that you inch towards your goal of destroying 85% of all the blocks in the board. Moreover, the more blocks that you destroy, the higher your score will be. This will certainly help in achieving your target score of 22,100. Who knows, you might even get three stars in this level – something we at find very difficult to do on this particular challenge. Back to Top Hint #3: One of the things in this level that will make you earn a lot of points is the diamonds. These diamonds are introduced into Pet Rescue Saga in this level. Every diamond is worth 1000 points, so make sure that you unlock all of them by bringing them to the floor. Aside from looking for big block combinations, diamonds will help you conquer this level and advance to the next round. Level 59 is largely a trial-and-error level, so do not be frustrated when you can’t advance to the next level after a few tries. Just stick to your strategy and you will chance upon a good board that will let you win this level. Once you beat it, you’ll face four easier levels, then a big challenge in level 64. Back to Top

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