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How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 64 Hints

Level 64 of Pet Rescue Saga has been updated with a lower point goal so that it becomes more attainable for players to score three stars in it. You will also encounter all kinds of power ups and obstacles here — from keys and locked boxes to bombs and metal boxes to balloons and line blasters. In order to beat this level, a good set of tips and tricks should be followed. Trust me, I tried to play this level without an clear strategy in mind, and got absolutely nowhere in the process. Here’s a look at a few of the best tips I have compiled for you. Objective: Save 4 pets. Moves: Unlimited Points: 13,000 Hint #1: You should start the level by using the bomb in the middle of the screen. This will blast the surrounding blocks and help lower down the key to the locked boxes. However, take note that you will not release the key this way because of the metal box below it; you still need the help of the line blaster in order to get rid of the metal box. Back to Top Hint #2: You will notice that there are four line blasters in this level, and they are perfectly aligned in two rows. If you immediately use them, you will waste two line blasters because they will be hit by the ones you activated. Therefore, make sure that you first reposition the line blasters in such a way that they won’t affect the other line blasters when you activate them. You should also align them with the metal boxes, since there is no other way that you can get rid of them, unless you buy power ups. Do this strategy to release the key and get rid of the locked blocks. Back to Top Hint #3: To save your pets, you need to make good use of your remaining line blasters to clear the rest of the metal boxes. Make sure that you target the metal boxes below the pets, since you can never get rid of them in any other way. Keep in mind that there are no free rocket boosters in this level. Also, remember to keep a line blaster at the bottom of the board so that you can remove the last row in case your pets get trapped by a single block. Do not forget to also use the balloons to your advantage. Check out our Pet Rescue hints page at the top of this guide to find tips and tricks for the next fifteen levels. The next major challenge you’ll face will come on level 82, so practice honing your skills over these next few levels while you wait. Back to Top

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