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How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 82 Hints

Level 82 is quite a tricky level in Pet Rescue Saga. You need to make sure that you bring down the pets without any of them being locked into the wooden crates. This is one of the levels that you need to play in a certain way in order to beat the objective and move on. Although there is a free rocket in this level, you only have enough moves to create one rocket. You also don’t have bombs or other power ups available to you. The following are some tips to help you get past this level. Objective: Save 5 pets. Moves: Unlimited Points: 10,000 Hint #1: The ledges in this level are not placed there for decorative purposes. You should use the ledges to your advantage in order to move the crates to the left and leave you enough room to free the pets on the right side of the screen. The ledges will also help break some of the cages or crates. This is the best way to release four of the pets, except the leftmost pet. Back to Top Hint #2: Do not release the pets from their boxes just yet, since doing so will trap them in the cages waiting for them at the top of the columns. There are only five pets to rescue, as opposed to the monolithic nine you had to save on level 36. However, you still can’t afford to have your pets put in cages since there are no bombs to release them. You can shake up the columns in the board by first clicking on combinations in between pets, so that the blocks will shift to the left and the crates will no longer be on top of the columns with pets below it. The easiest pet to release is the fourth pet from the left, so start with it and let pets number 2, 3, and 5 follow. Back to Top Hint #3: Once you have charged your rocket booster, do not use it just yet. Release the four pets except the leftmost one. You will notice that by this time, there are already cages on the leftmost column. Use the rocket booster to release the leftmost pet and to get rid of the other cages. You can afford to put your first pet in a cage, since the rocket booster will be there to release it. If you thought this level was difficult, I personally believe the next challenging round is even worse – Pet Rescue Saga level 96. Don’t sleep on those birds, it’s not easy to collect all of them and still beat the level. Back to Top

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