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Pet Rescue Saga Level 96 Tips

Level 96 of Pet Rescue Saga can be really tricky, since you need to get 14 pets down using only 25 moves. Even though most of the pets that you need to bring down are already on the board at the start of the game, most of them are locked in cages, making them pretty useless unless you manage to free them. And trust me, freeing those pets are not easy. Thankfully, you have line blaster boosters all over the place, so you will at least manage to free up a number of pets before they reach the ground. You will also need to couple these boosters with a number of strategies in order to move to the next round. Objective: Save 14 pets. Moves: 25 Points: 14,000 points Tip #1 While you’ll surely have an abundance of line blaster boosters in this level, they may not be able to do the job correctly if you don’t position them properly. Keep their purpose in mind, and that is to remove the animals from the cages. As such, you have to find a way to position them in line with the caged animals when you activate them so that they can free up those animals just in time before they step on the ground. Line blaster boosters are also great in removing empty cages, since such cages can still pose a threat to free animals. If there is an empty cage below a free pet, blast it right away. Back to Top Tip #2 Remember that it is pretty difficult to get all the initial pets down. That being said, it is okay to let go of some of them. However, it isn’t okay to let all of them go and not make any efforts of freeing them from their cages. That being said, you need to save as many of those initial caged pets as possible in order to pass this level. There will certainly be more pets arriving after them, but they will come one by one, and you can’t afford to waste a lot of moves. Ideally, get at least 10 pets right away so that you’ll only have to deal with 4 pets in the end. Back to Top Tip #3 You might get too focused on correctly positioning the line blaster boosters that you may no longer notice the blocks below the pets. These blocks can make or break you, as breaking them can either save a free pet or take a caged pet away. Always be on the lookout for good block combinations that will help you position pets properly, and be careful of accidentally destroying a block formation that will bring down caged pets prematurely. After dealing with 14 pets in this level, you only have to save five pets when you get to Pet Rescue Saga level 100. But that does not mean the level gets any easier. Back to Top

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