Pixel Starships Cheats, Tips, And Overall Rating

Pixel Starships is the epic 8Bit love child of some game developers from SavySoda, who are seriously addicted to strategy games. But they desperately wanted so much more from the games they have always loved so much, but could no longer advance in. With the continued help of their 450+ backers on Kickstarter, they have devised an awesome combination of in-depth spaceship management, character progression, epic space battles, and endless content.

This 2D 8Bit world is the only place you go in this free to play online universe, but your ship never stops moving, exploring, battling, and picking up new crew members. You control every aspect of your starship, the rooms, people, and weapons for blowing up your enemies. You can now forever conquer all the things in the universe and upgrade your stuff with their free-to-play, regularly updated content. With over 200 different characters and seemingly endless gameplay, the developers at SavySoda, wanted to produce a basic universe that did not end once a single player campaign is successfully completed.

They wanted a primary world that is consistent but always offers another new opportunity to all of its players. There is currently no end-date on the development of this game and they plan to continue generating new content for it regularly in the future of this product.


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