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With so many racing games available for purchase and download, it’s daunting to find the best racing games for kids. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best racing games for kids, complete with prices, where to buy them and our personal suggestion for which ones we think are the best. Quick Navigation FAQHow We ReviewedWhat We ReviewedAsphalt 9: LegendsNeed for Speed No LimitsSkidStormRidge Racer SlipstreamKids Rally Car RacingMonster Truck for KidsCar RunBig Rig RacingFormula Car Game for AndroidMoto Fire​The Verdict FAQ Image source: Pixabay1. What Are Racing Games For Kids?Racing games are video games with the focus on competing in and winning races. The ones intended for kids have no realistic violence, foul language or humor, or suggestive themes. Racing games for kids are a fun pastime for kids who want a thrill, and they allow parents to relax knowing their kids aren’t seeing or playing violent games.2. How Do I Know Which Racing Games For Kids Are Appropriate?Check the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s (ESRB) rating for the game. The best ratings for kids are E for Everyone and E10 for Everyone ages 10 and up. Mobile games must show their rating on the game’s page in the app stores. The games we have chosen are all rated E or E10, so there is no need to worry about what the games will show to kids unless otherwise specified.3. Where Can I Buy These Games?The racing games for kids we’ve chosen can be purchased on the Google Play Store and iOS Store on mobile devices.4. What is the Current Price Range for These Games?The racing games for kids we’ve chosen are free to play and download, but many use advertisements in the games to earn revenue. There is an option to turn off the ads, which can cost as much as five dollars. In addition, many of these mobile games offer optional in-game bonuses for micro-transactions that can build up to significant amounts. Because each game has its own prices for its purchases, it is best to check in the in-game stores for more details on their respective costs. How We Reviewed Image source: PixabayThe racing games for kids we’ve reviewed were judged on the following criteria: Pros, Cons, Price, and Where to buy them. Pros and Cons include game accessibility, graphics, gameplay, educational merits, pricing of optional in-game currency and ad removal, and access to online multiplayer. Where to buy them is based on how many platforms the games are available to be played on.What We Reviewed   Asphalt 9: Legends Need for Speed No Limits SkidStorm Ridge Racer Slipstream Kids Rally Car Racing Monster Truck for Kids Car Run Big Rig Racing Formula Car Game for Android Moto Fire Asphalt 9: Legends FeaturesAsphalt 9: Legends is a high-speed example of racing games for kids that uses current car models in intense races. The tutorial of the game is simple, with only three major controls to learn (with settings to add more advanced controls), and the ability to customize the cars earned after the races. Races are fast-paced, tactical, require precise timing, and encourage players to use jumps to get ahead of the competition, adding to the excitement. Players can use the in-game currency to buy more turns or watch ads to earn card packs that will give them cars, in-game currency and parts for their cars. PROS Stunning 3D Graphics Accessible to newcomers Educational regarding current car models Ads are a free alternative to some in-game purchases CONS 1.5 Gigabytes of memory needed to download the game Online multiplayer isn’t accessible until reaching level 20PriceAsphalt 9: Legends is free to download and play, with optional ads to earn in-game bonuses. Players can purchase these same bonuses and more in the game’s store.Where to BuyAsphalt 9: Legends is available on iOS and Android via their respective app stores. We have included a link for purchase here. Learn More Need for Speed No Limits FeaturesNeed for Speed No Limits is a mobile title of the acclaimed Need for Speed series published by EA. EA is infamous for its aggressive and controversial market strategies, which are clear in this game. While the game is free to download and play, EA aggressively offers promotions to buy in-game currency and items before and after races. While the races are enjoyable as is common from the games in this series, many of them are short and can only be one minute long. Despite this, the game is beautiful during races, and the fast-paced action will keep players coming back for more. PROS Part of an acclaimed series that lives up to the name Accessible to newcomers Gorgeous 3D graphics in races Educational regarding current car models CONS Despite being a free game, there is heavy advertising from EA for in-game bonuses that cannot be removed through a purchase The story focuses on illegal racing, with many races putting the player against police officers Races can be as short as one minute The graphics in menus and dialogue boxes are lacklusterPriceNeed for Speed No Limits is available to download and play for free. Players can purchase bonuses for the game via the game’s shop.Where to BuyNeed for Speed No Limits is available on iOS and Android, via their respective app stores. We have included a link for purchase here. Learn More SkidStorm FeaturesSkidStorm is a perfect type of racing games for kids. Unlike the others we’ve mentioned so far, SkidStorm has cartoon-like graphics and a top-down view rather than a rear-view that mirrors stock car races of days gone by, complete with a focus on the sharp turns players they expect players to make. SkidStorm’s a perfect game to play with friends, as multiplayer is available at the beginning of the game. The controls are simple to learn so that new players can jump right in without a problem. The game features an in-game shop and optional advertising that can unlock cars, their parts, and aesthetics. PROS Accessible to newcomers Ads are … Continue reading Top 10 Best Racing Games for Kids

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