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image source: PixabayHave you ever become so engrossed in a game that you kept telling yourself you’ll stop after leveling up only to keep going from one level to the next? Well, that’s the experience Rogue Wizards offers. Magic, dungeons, items, and gear—these four components hardly scratch the surface of this mobile game.Developed by Spellbind Studios, Rogue Wizards can easily delight gamers with different preferences and backgrounds. With this turn-based tactical role-playing game, you’ll easily lose track of time as you hurtle magic, loot treasure, beat down your enemies with vigor and build your Wizard Tower sanctuary.What is it that makes Rogue Wizards so outstanding, though? How does it manage to isolate itself from the doldrums of the mobile gaming market? What does Rogue Wizard have that other mobile games—particularly role-playing games—do not? We’ll take a look at this and more information as we dive into the details of this hit mobile role-playing game. Quick Navigation What Is Rogue Wizards?Why Do Players Love Playing Rogue Wizards?How to PlayStrategies & TipsSkip TurnPotion DrinkingBonus Experience PointsBonus Effect of Health PotionsGear Rareness RatingOverall Rating What Is Rogue Wizards? Rogue Wizards is a mobile role-playing game in which the player takes control of a band of… well, rogue wizards. You’ll learn new spells, level up those spells, get wild and wacky gear, and crawl through countless dungeons within the game. As you explore, you’ll gain levels and experience that help you tackle the tougher challenges, as you would with any other role-playing game.So what sets this game apart? What makes it unique enough to stand out from the crowd of mobile role-playing games which have saturated the online market?For one, Rogue Wizards has a gear, loot, and equipment system that rivals that of popular games like Diablo. You will collect countless variants of shields, helmets, amulets, chest plates, boots, and even rings as you plow through difficult dungeons and take on powerful enemies. This flexible and equipment customization system alone is enough to boost anyone’s opinion, but it isn’t the only reason for the game’s success.One of the greatest features that Rogue Wizards has to offer its players is the magic system. With the magic system, players will learn new spells, upgrade those spells, and then use them to take on more powerful enemies. The game categorizes spells with fire, ice, dark, lightning, nature, and earth.Each of those categories offers three unique spells that become available for use as you level up your character. This brings the total number of different spells to thirty-six—a considerably high number for a mobile title. With all thirty-six spells under your belt, you’re ready to take on even the toughest boss in the game.But just because you’re decked out with powerful weapons, armor, accessories, and spells doesn’t mean that there aren’t new challenges to surprise and even overwhelm you. You’ll be coming across progressively more difficult dungeons, enemies, and bosses. The rewards are greater, yes, but so are the risks. This is part of what makes Rogue Wizards so much fun for players: no matter how powerful they become, there’s always a new challenge lurking around the corner.As you progress through each level, you’ll encounter a plethora of unique foes, powerful bosses, and remarkable loot. After gathering a new bit of loot, you’ll compare to what you already have equipped and will determine if you want to swap the pieces of equipment. Normally, you’ll find an item that’s even better than what you already have equipped, allowing for a gradual upgrade process that works well with the leveling system. This constant sense of progress will keep you engaged for hours on end, eagerly waiting for the opportunity to max out your wizard. Why Do Players Love Playing Rogue Wizards? image via: pexels.comIt has been briefly touched on a few times so far, but the primary reason for the enjoyment gleaned from Rogue Wizards is its reward system. Every feature works to reward the players. When you pick up a helmet that’s better than what you already have, you feel a sense of accomplishment and progress.When you level up and learn a new spell you’ve been dying to try out, you feel that same sense of achievement and progress. This is also true of overcoming a level or even defeating a boss. When you’re rewarded by the game for your hard work and diligence, you become eager to keep playing. This reward system is complemented by the ability to customize your character based on your preferences. Different accessories will empower certain aspects of your character that other accessories will not. Even if two accessories seem to be evenly matched, one may benefit your personal play style in a way that the other does not.As you collect gear you like and ditch the gear you do not, you’ll personalize your character so that it suits your desires. By the time you’ve reached a high enough level to cast every spell the game has to offer, you’ll find that you likely have a vastly different character than that of other players, despite being at the same level and having been offered many of the same options.Another excellent aspect of Rogue Wizards is the way it monetizes itself. As a free-to-play mobile game, Rogue Wizards uses in-app purchases to earn its money. These purchases revolve around gems, which are an in-app currency. You don’t have to purchase a single gem to complete the game, but buying them does speed up your progression astronomically. If you’re okay with taking your time in the game, you won’t need to spend a single cent. How To Play Rogue Wizards is quite simple to pick up. You’ll use the options on the bottom of your screen to cast spells, use items, or attack with your equipped weapon. As you navigate the dungeon grid with your personalized wizard, you’ll assault different enemies and bosses, gaining levels as you progress. When killing enemies or looting chests, you’ll receive items that are added to your inventory screen. These items will need to be … Continue reading Rogue Wizards: Strategies, Tips, & Overall Rating

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