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crashlands-review-pixel-starships-24-380x240-8074837 Another two-dimensional, pixilated masterpiece has progressively surfaced over the last few years. And just when we all thought it would start to drop in popularity it has been gaining lots of attention once more. But definitely, do not let these graphics fool you, this pixilated… Read More crashlands-review-evoland-2-review-28-380x240-7446366 The fan base for Evoland is filled to the brim with positive Evoland 2 review after positive Evoland 2 review. What may appear at first to be a simple 2D RPG game soon evolves into something newer, brighter, and more riveting than anyone ever could have imagined. This game is… Read More crashlands-review-jade-empire-review-31-380x240-4593893 When discussions of video game industry titans comes up, BioWare is mentioned. It holds a top spot primarily for games like Mass Effect 1 and 2, and the Dragon Age series. However, BioWare has lots of other hidden gems they keep hidden way. Knights of the Old Republic?… Read More clicker-heroes-strategy-380x240-5308581 As with playing any idle game, you may want to know how to make the most of your time. Time in an idle game is your most precious commodity so regulating everything to where it needs to go for maximum efficiency is critical to being on top of your game. With Clicker Heroes,… Read More star-trek-timelines-380x240-9092612 Are you a longtime fan of the classic science fiction television and movie series Star Trek? Do you geek out over the Enterprise chronology storyline, or do you identify more with the Original Series from the 1960s? No matter which crew and plot line you mark as your favorite,… Read More crashlands-review-nintendo-mobile-games-1-380x240-5111469 Most of us enjoy a good video game. Video games offer a creative outlet, an escape from stress, and endless entertainment. The best video games feature captivating musical scores, breathtaking graphics, challenging puzzles, and game-play with interesting back-stories we can get… Read More crashlands-review-war-tortoise-13-380x240-3289234 Playing games is one of the best ways to pass the time while also enjoying it. You have probably played war tortoise but faced hurdles in moving from one level to another. It is one of the games we have played and reach the highest level. Therefore, this article provides you… Read More crashlands-review-dungeon-maker-10-380x240-2841610 Dungeon creation has long been an enjoyed activity among lovers of role playing games. These creative individuals have many methods of creating their dungeons. Whether the tool of choice is a collection of Dungeons and Dragons manuals, RPG Maker for Playstation or PC, the popular… Read More crashlands-review-upcoming-android-games-35-380x240-8081682 New mobile games are released frequently, but there are few that can be regarded as “anticipated” by gamers. However, there are quite a few games on the horizon that gamers are really looking forward to. It always depends on which type of game you enjoy playing, which we outline… Read More crashlands-review-educational-apps-for-kids-34-380x240-3047605 It seems that everywhere you look these days you see people glued to their mobile devices, quite oblivious to the outside world. Kids have increased access to phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics, making it difficult to find the balance between recreation and… Read More

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