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pet-rescue-saga-level-224-380x240-5315176 Level 224 of Pet Rescue Saga might seem pretty tricky at first glance, but it is really an easy level once you know what to do. It is one of those levels that have to be done step-by-step, especially with a 27-move limit. Hence, you should not waste any move and try as much as… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-207-380x240-8049275 When I first saw level 207 of Pet Rescue Saga, I thought that this level would be easy because of the abundance of paint brush boosters on the board. As I finished the level, I realized I was right because you only need to know how to strategically use these paint brush boosters… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-206-380x240-1379592 Saving 12 pets can be challenging in such a small Pet Rescue board, especially since your pets are locked in various colored cages. Another problem that I noticed is that the block colors are different from the cage colors, making it harder for you free all the pets and achieve… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-145-380x240-2869338 There is essentially only one thing that you need to do in order to save the two pets required in this level, and that is to unlock the locked boxes where these two pets are standing on. The problem is that the key to these locked boxes are found on the very top row of double… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-100-380x240-1431207 It seems easy to save just five pets in level 100 of Pet Rescue Saga, especially if those pets are already present right away on the board. But if you look closely, those pets are situated at the leftmost column, one on top of the other, and atop a pedestal of diamond and metal… Read More pet-rescue-level-36-tips-380x240-2968749 Because of the number of pets that you need to save, level 36 is a pretty difficult level in Pet Rescue Saga. You also don’t have new power ups to use, unless you have spare power ups in your inventory or are willing to spend a few bucks to buy one. Collecting the required number… Read More Does a particular Pet Rescue Saga level seem impossible to beat? Not to worry – we’ll provide the best tips, tricks, and cheats to beat any level in the game. Browse the list of the hardest Pet Rescue levels we’ve played to-date below. If a level you’re… Read More

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