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crashlands-review-android-games-with-controller-support-33-380x240-4389271 image source: UnsplashIn today’s day an age, gamers can remain constantly engaged on the go with their mobile devices. As technology continues to improve, phones become increasingly popular as gaming devices, and now android’s even featuring controller support. Therefore, so… Read More crashlands-review-war-tortoise-13-380x240-9869282 Playing games is one of the best ways to pass the time while also enjoying it. You have probably played war tortoise but faced hurdles in moving from one level to another. It is one of the games we have played and reach the highest level. Therefore, this article provides you… Read More crashlands-review-upcoming-android-games-35-380x240-8239535 New mobile games are released frequently, but there are few that can be regarded as “anticipated” by gamers. However, there are quite a few games on the horizon that gamers are really looking forward to. It always depends on which type of game you enjoy playing, which we outline… Read More bubble-witch-level-98-380x240-2277632 One of the most annoying obstacles that you’ll ever encounter in Bubble Witch Saga 2 is the frogs. Every time these frogs are awake, they’ll add three more bubbles to the board before they go to sleep again. This can be very frustrating for levels like level 98, where… Read More bubble-witch-level-58-380x240-8278925 The bubbles are arranged in layered hexagonal patterns in level 58 of Bubble Witch Saga 2. That means that there are spaces between them, but you won’t be able to reach that space if you don’t create a hole first in the bubble layers. You also have several black… Read More bubble-witch-level-15-380x240-2865159 Level 15 of Bubble Witch Saga 2 looks a bit intimidating at first, since this is one of the first levels where you don’t see the whole board. There are so many bubbles that you need to get rid of to reach the top. While there are some huge bubble clusters and only four… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-320-380x240-6553558 Meshed cages will be your main enemy in level 320 of Pet Rescue Saga. In fact, you will notice that there are metal blocks at the bottom row which actually enclose colored blocks in mesh once again, regardless of whether you have just removed it or not. Fortunately, you have line… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-289-380x240-4169964 You have 60 moves to finish level 289 of Pet Rescue Saga, which might seem too at first. But with the amount of work that you need to do in this level, you’ll soon realize that 60 moves just might be enough. As in any other level of Pet Rescue Saga, using the given boosters… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-279-380x240-6534049 There are a lot of boosters available to you in level 279 of Pet Rescue Saga, but you also have to deal with loads of metal blocks. Even though you don’t have a move limit in this level, the timed balloons might make it seem like there is. After all, you’ll need these balloons to… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-244-380x240-7715802 In this round with limited moves, you need to save six pets in order to advance to the next level. You will notice that you already have six pets at the beginning of the round, but all of them are locked in cages. Three are locked in colored cages, while the other three are… Read More

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