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candy-crush-level-167-380x240-9134222 Level 167 of Candy Crush is a difficult round, since you have 65 jelly squares to clear in just 50 moves. Most of these are even double jellies, and the single jellies are all covered by two-layer meringues. Worse, you even have four chocolate fountains in the corners. I… Read More Welcome to ReadyGamer’s ultimate Candy Crush Saga cheats, tips & hints guide. I spent many brutal hours putting this guide together, on top of months and months in game-time, so people who love this game as much as I do can play it at an even better level. Without… Read More candy-crush-level-52-380x240-5767492 There are only nine jelly squares in level 52, but they are not easy to remove because a layer of chocolate and meringue lies before them. Furthermore, you also have to get rid of the licorice cages before finally reaching the jellies. Fortunately, you are given an adequate… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-48-380x240-6660445 While level 48 appears to be a relatively simple level, what makes it difficult for some people is the presence of metal boxes, as well as those enclosed in wire mesh. The latter is pretty easy to get rid of, but metal boxes can only be removed by using bombs or boosters. If you… Read More candy-crush-level-1021-380x240-2902971 Level 102 in the popular Candy Crush Saga game is enough to drive anyone insane. This level is filled with meringue and licorice blocks, while the goal is to bring down a total of 4 ingredients (2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts) in a minimum of 40 moves. If that wasn’t enough,… Read More candy-crush-level-92-380x240-4797427 One of the first levels that causes people to quit the fun, addictive, yet extremely challenging Candy Crush Saga game is the tricky level 92. Level 92 is an ingredient level, making the goal of the level to bring down the 2 cherries and the 1 hazelnut in 40 moves. The catch of… Read More candy-crush-level-65-380x240-8467377 Pat yourself on the back for reaching level 65. Now, take a deep breath, read these Candy Crush hints on our Candy Crush strategy guide, and prepare for one of the most challenging maps you’ll ever face in the game. I’m not kidding. Every space includes double-jelly… Read More Mobile & Social Gaming Tips, Hints & Strategies Welcome to ReadyGamer. We’ve set out to put together the best one-stop-shop resource for game walk-throughs, level guides, and much more for all of the most popular mobile & social games available today. One of our… Read More

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