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crashlands-review-android-games-with-controller-support-33-380x240-4389271 image source: UnsplashIn today’s day an age, gamers can remain constantly engaged on the go with their mobile devices. As technology continues to improve, phones become increasingly popular as gaming devices, and now android’s even featuring controller support. Therefore, so… Read More crashlands-review-happy-aquarium-2-380x240-1155211 Image via: UnsplashIt is no secret by now that video games appeal to people. Several kinds of them are available to players, such as strategy games, war games, beauty games, and food-related games. Perhaps the reason that video games appeal to so many is that there truly is a… Read More crashlands-review-peggle-blast-11-380x240-6791072 image source: PexelsPopCap was a company that created great puzzle games like Bejeweled, which served as the basis for the mobile hit Candy Crush, originally published Peggle. When Electronic Arts, better known as EA, bought PopCap in July 2011, fans of their games. EA has earned… Read More crashlands-review-no-breaks-valet-18-380x240-2015693 Playing games is one of the best ways to pass time while also enjoying it. You have probably played Blinkbat Games’ latest iOS release No Breaks Valet (costs only $), but faced hurdles in controlling the cars. In play store, you can purchase it at only $, and it has no in-app… Read More crashlands-review-mini-metro-tips-15-380x240-9849127 ​Image Via steamcommunity.comThere are a lot of great games out there, but the truth is many of them are better played on a tablet than on a phone. Enter Mini Metro, the perfect game for playing on any device. Mini Metro has been designed to fit a phone and works beautifully no… Read More crashlands-review-most-popular-mobile-games-30-380x240-6815580 We live in an increasingly mobile world. Many of us commute to work 25 minutes or longer, often by bus or train. How do millions of Americans stay entertained every day during their free time? By playing the most popular mobile games available.  The App Store adds… Read More crashlands-review-gaming-blogs-27-380x240-5117497 Whether you’re a first-time gamer or someone who has been gaming since the golden age, there’s no denying that the industry has grown. The sheer number of games being produced in 2018 dwarfs each year prior, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With so many… Read More crashlands-review-evoland-2-review-28-380x240-9694759 The fan base for Evoland is filled to the brim with positive Evoland 2 review after positive Evoland 2 review. What may appear at first to be a simple 2D RPG game soon evolves into something newer, brighter, and more riveting than anyone ever could have imagined. This game is… Read More crashlands-review-pixel-starships-24-380x240-1297962 Another two-dimensional, pixilated masterpiece has progressively surfaced over the last few years. And just when we all thought it would start to drop in popularity it has been gaining lots of attention once more. But definitely, do not let these graphics fool you, this pixilated… Read More crashlands-review-jade-empire-review-31-380x240-6889442 When discussions of video game industry titans comes up, BioWare is mentioned. It holds a top spot primarily for games like Mass Effect 1 and 2, and the Dragon Age series. However, BioWare has lots of other hidden gems they keep hidden way. Knights of the Old Republic?… Read More

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