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candy-crush-level-180-380x240-5545638 Welcome to Candy Crush level 180. The map looks worse than it really is, you’ve beaten harder levels in the game before. That’s not to say that the map is easy, however! 4-layer meringues and plenty of time bombs may give you a feeling of panic. Calm down, relax, and… Read More pet-rescue-saga-level-27-380x240-6558706 Just like the other blue levels in Pet Rescue Saga, level 27 looks like there are too few moves compared to the number of pets that you need to save. You really need to employ good tactics in order to achieve your goal and score the required number of points to get through to the… Read More candy-crush-level-91-380x240-8184307 Can’t seem to shake off those hours of frustrations playing and replaying Level 91 of Candy Crush? I know the feeling- you’ve spent hours figuring out the best moves while waiting in line in the supermarket or simply waiting for the sleep to come but you can’t seem to break the… Read More candy-crush-level-88-380x240-7988036 You’ve finally made it to the dreaded Candy Crush level 88. This game can be delightfully frustrating and fun at the same time. There are some easy levels especially from mid-20s to 30s, and there are levels that can stun you and leave you extremely frustrated after the… Read More

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