Candy Crush Soda Saga Cheats | How I Beat These Levels

Candy Crush Soda Saga, the sequel to its big (monolithic, really) brother Candy Crush Saga, is quite possibly the most popular game running on just about all smart phones at the moment. I’ve been playing it on iPhone and iPad, along with just about a gazillion-million other people.

In true ReadyGamer fashion, I’m playing through the entire game and marking down the most helpful tips, hints & cheats players can use to beat the most difficult Soda Saga levels. The list below is an updated library of all the levels I’ve written a guide for to-date.

Level 8
Level 10
Level 13
Level 15

Level 17
Level 18
Level 19
Level 20
Level 21

Level 24
Level 25
Level 28
Level 29

Don’t see a particularly tough level in this list? I either haven’t gotten to it yet, or completely missed the mark and never put a guide together. If this is the case, be sure to reach me in the comments section and push me to get that guide published on RG.

Now, finally, I’ve put together my top 10 list of tips & cheats to use to absolutely crush all levels of Soda Saga. Whether you’re on Android, one of those “i” devices, or if you’re playing on Facebook – each of these tips should help improve your game exponentially. Have fun, and enjoy!

Candy Crush Soda Saga pretty much works just like the original Candy Crush Saga, but there are distinct differences that you need to know in order to fully maximize your potential in completing the levels. Here are my ReadyGamer top 10 tips, cheats, and hints on Candy Crush Soda Saga:

  1. Always look for special matches, but make only the pieces you need. Ever since Candy Crush Saga, special candies and combinations play an integral part in every level. This does not change in Candy Crush Soda Saga, as you have the same old boosters that you have gotten to love in the original game. However, not all levels will benefit from a wrapped candy or even a color bomb. Make sure that you only make the special candies that you need, and do not waste your limited moves creating special candies that will not help you towards your goal.


  2. Take note of the new boosters. The fish booster is not really new, as you also encounter that in Candy Crush Saga. However, it achieved a whole new level of importance in this game, as these fishes specifically help you target soda bottles. Use them to your advantage. In addition, there is also the new coloring candy, which you can create by matching eight candies of the same color in a T-shape. You can best use it by matching it with the most abundant candy color in the game. The coloring candy will change it into the same color as the one inside it, making it easier for you to make matches and special candies.

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  3. Look for soda bottle matches. Soda bottles are always there for a reason, whether you are in the soda level or the bubble level. Match these soda bottles every time you get the opportunity, since these will help raise the soda on the board in the soda levels, and it will propel the bears upward in the bubble levels.


  4. Master the movement of bubble and soda levels. Unlike Candy Crush Saga, the candies in this game do not just move in a cascading manner. When the board is covered in soda, the candies float towards the top. But when there is no soda, the candies cascade downwards. It is possible to encounter both in one game. Keeping the movements of the candies in mind can help you calculate your moves.

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  5. Learn how to find the frozen bears. In the frosted levels, you need to find all the frozen bears in order to finish the level. Take note that the placement of the bears are random, so you might repeat the same game more than once and locate the bears in different areas. The bears are not visible when the ice is still thick, but you can easily see a greenish tinge once the ice is only one layer thick. Use this knowledge to your advantage so as not to waste moves.


  6. Prioritize soda bottles before bears. In bubble levels, you sometimes need to raise the soda level first before getting the bear above the candy string. Instead of moving your bear upwards, fill the board with soda first so that the bear does not get stuck on its way upwards.

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  7. Get rid of obstacles when present. Obstacles include licorice cages, chocolates, and cupcakes, pretty much like those found in the original Candy Crush game. Those obstacles are made to stall your progress, so you may want to get rid of them first before working on your objective. You can use special candy combos to remove several obstacles in one move.


  8. If you cannot find a match, go farthest from the source of candies. Once again, the candies either come from the top or from the bottom. If you get stuck because there are no more special candies to form or activate, you can instead make moves farthest from the source of candies. That way, more candies will come from the source, enabling you to find more viable matches.

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  9. Use paid boosters sparingly. It can be very tempting to use boosters especially if you get stuck in some levels, bit if you do not want to spend money, avoid using them altogether. All levels can be completed without using paid boosters; you just need a lucky board and loads of patience to pull it through.


  10. Adjust time for unlimited lives. This is another time and money saving move. Instead of using gold bars to refill your lives quickly, you can instead use this cheat on your device. Go to the Settings app of your device and move the date and time forward a few hours or days. Relaunch the game, go back to the settings and readjust the time back to normal, and you now have full lives without any repercussions.

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This new edition of Candy Crush is really making waves, asserting itself at the top of the charts in App Stores across all devices within days of its full launch. I’m loving it, and I know many of you ReadyGamers are too. The fish, the soda… what more could you ask for?

Be sure to study the tips we’ve provided for you here on RG, and you’ll do your best to absolutely dominate each and every level in the game. Ultimately, however, Soda Saga (as well as other games of similar ilk – Bubble Witch 2, Farm Heroes, etc) is all about having fun! Remember to not let any single level get you down, and keep your head up as a true ReadyGamer should!

As always, this collection of guides is a work-in-progress as I come across the latest challenges in the game. Let me know in the comments if there are any levels I’ve missed, or any particular obstacles you need more assistance with.

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