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Are you a longtime fan of the classic science fiction television and movie series Star Trek? Do you geek out over the Enterprise chronology storyline, or do you identify more with the Original Series from the 1960s? No matter which crew and plot line you mark as your favorite, Disruptor Beam’s Star Trek Timelines game might be the perfect outlet for you to live out your sci-fi fantasies and experience all the realms in one. A complicated, exciting maze of twist and turns, story lines, and characters; Star Trek Timelines is an innovative game that will engage your imagination and flex your critical thinking skills. To learn how the game works, access all our best Star Trek Timelines cheats, and read our final review of this fun fantasy world, read on.What Is Star Trek Timelines?OverviewReleased by the gaming company Disruptor Beam in 2016, Star Trek Timelines is available for Android and iOS, allowing you to flex your sci-fi muscles on your mobile device. Users can build a crew based on the endless plethora of characters from every timeline in the Star Trek galaxy, so you do not have to choose between your favorite story lines. Classic spaceships like the USS Enterprise and the Voyager are yours to control. The game includes some incredibly realistic 3D ship battles so you never miss out on any of the action. In addition, the game is comprised of the entire spectrum of the Star Trek galaxy saga, so you will weave your way through the puzzle of chronologies as you play.What You Need To KnowBefore we delve into our best Star Trek Timelines cheats, there are a few basics elements you should know to begin playing. As you choose members to comprise your ship’s crew, it is important to know that each one bears specific assets and expertise to bring to the table. One crew member may be particularly skilled in combat while another may be adept at diplomacy. It is crucial to have a balanced mix of crew with various skill sets that will support you as you make your way through the Star Trek Timelines chronology. For example, the crew members will be assigned roles in battle based on their area of expertise, so choosing characters wisely will be key to stand victorious and advance to the next sequence. With that being said, in Away Team portions of the game, you will need to switch between a series of events to avoid having your crew devalued. If you use the same crew repeatedly in each new section, their skills will temporarily deteriorate. Instead, alternate between different story paths so your crew regains the full strength of their skills, and unused characters can take the lead. If you are in a combat section of the game, and you have room to switch segments after completion, pick a different storyline event before returning to the combat zone.Likewise, not using the full force of your crew and only choosing to play with a few characters will hinder the majority from gaining experience, causing them to be devalued and ineffective in a battle or crisis. Along the same line of thought, if you are looking to move one of your favorite crew members up through the ranks, make sure you have collected all of their equipment. Once that crew member’s equipment slots are full, you can upgrade their skills and level potential.Star Trek Timelines Cheats & TipsAway Team MissionsFirst on our list of key Star Trek Timelines cheats and tips are the compelling Away Team Missions. Once you are up to speed on your mission’s aim, you can decide how to face each obstacle that arises. You can decide whether you would rather fight your way out, or use diplomacy and reason. Crew members with scientific or medical knowledge may pose a solution. You can decide what you want to do and who you want to do it with.Away Team Missions come in three levels; Normal, Elite, and Epic. The higher you progress through the levels, the better the Rare Rewards you will obtain. To pass the locked challenges, you will need to use the best qualities in your crew members. The challenges are locked by attribute, based on your success in the prior challenge, and by group prestige. If you want to pass these challenges with flying colors, your Away Teams need to have an array of skills and features to cover all the bases. For instance, a character with aptitude in diplomacy might be the catalyst to overcome one locked challenge and proceed to the next.Crew Is KeyFollowing on this train of thought, the next item our Star Trek Timelines cheats and tips list focuses on your crew. Without a solid crew, you will not be able to advance successfully through the levels and clam rewards. Using crew members with both advanced and novice abilities will ensure that you are ready to face any unexpected curve thrown your way.Rare or Legendary crew members are a must-have to be sure, but do not rule out the prospects for Common and Uncommon crew members. In fact, the latter two are the only factions who can help you pass Cadet Chall​​enges, which exist to determine whether your crew is up to speed and ready for action. Lower level members can claim training programs or shuttle boosts at a lower cost, without compromising crew standards.  Down the line, if you decide you would like to add some additional crew members with key traits to your ship, but do not have any space left, there is an easy solution. Send a few for temporary freezing to the Cryostasis vault and reset your crew levels. You can easily reactivate them later for Merits, which can be attained with little effort. Each week, Star Trek Timelines holds a short-term event, involving an immediate problem facing the galaxy. These events give you the chance to use unusual crew and high rewards for Faction Missions, Away Team Missions, or Supply Missions. The difficulty of these events increases over time, … Continue reading Star Trek Timelines Cheats: Tips, Review, And Overall Rating

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