Top 14 Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Tips & Hints | A ReadyGamer's Guide

This is a skill you’re going to want to master early on in the game, as it will come in handy more times than you can count in the later levels (basically, levels 100 and up). A lot of times, players on ReadyGamer will start an ingredient collecting level by just trying to clear the columns ingredients (cherries and hazelnuts) show up in by default.

Let me tell you right now – you can learn to beat these levels more consistently, all while scoring way more points than anybody else.

Focus on trying to move ingredients towards the middle of the board. It sounds simple enough, but it does take some skill to learn how to maneuver the candies around an ingredient to eventually move the ingredient towards the center of the map. With enough practice, trust me when I say you will catch on. And you’ll immediately realize how difficult you were once making the ingredient levels. And curse all of those Candy Crush Saga lives you unknowingly squandered playing the levels the wrong way.

Granted, some levels in the game are specifically designed to counter this little trick I’m telling you. But, you will easily be able to tell which levels those are by looking at where the “drop zones” for the ingredients are. If you can only drop ingredients on the edges of the board, disregard this tip altogether. However, if the middle columns are open, this tip most positively applies!

And, just as we’re focusing on moving ingredients towards the middle of the board, absolutely by no means should you ever move ingredients towards the edges of the board AWAY from the middle. Avoid doing that like the plague (again, with the only exception being the levels where you can only “drop” ingredients on the edges).


There WILL be levels where you see a few chocolate squares, and you’ll figure their placement is harmless and you can go on about your merry way crushing candies. No sweat, you’ll be fine.

9 times out of 10 that’s NOT the case, though. Do NOT let a board fool you.

If you see chocolate on a new level, you should immediately see red and make it your mission to take out that chocolate. Seriously, when you ReadyGamers see chocolate squares I want you to unleash everything you have to make sure you eliminate the chocolate threat as fast as you possibly can. Don’t piddle around and waste moves while you do it, though.

The same goes for time bombs. Clear those as soon as you see them. There will be times where the turns left on a time bomb is greater than the number of turns you have left. In which case, forget about the time bombs. Keep on crushing and beat the level.

In most any other case, as soon as you see a time bomb – get rid of it. As soon as you see chocolate – wipe it off the map. You don’t want any of that.

Chocolates and time bombs can seriously wreck your game and cause you to burn through many lives. Don’t mess around thinking you can “manage” these ‘game killer’ candies. Trust me, I’ve been there.

10 tips to go. And they’re about to get way, WAAAY better. Get ready.


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