Top 14 Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Tips & Hints | A ReadyGamer's Guide

Yeah, I could sit here and tell you to just create special candy combos and you’ll beat all the levels in the game. Easy peasy.

But this is ReadyGamer, and there are a couple thousand other websites and webpages out there that will tell you the same thing in such simple terms. That sort of lame, obvious advice doesn’t cut it on RG.

Take everything you’ve learned about using special candies and creating combos in Candy Crush Saga and throw that stuff out the window. It’s time to reprogram so you can score more points and beat more levels without wasting so many lives.

Here it is: you want to focus on playing special candy combinations differently early in a level than you would later in a level. The way I, and other ReadyGamers who are ridiculously better at crushing candies than I am, like to do things is have one candy combo strategy for the first half of your moves (on move-based levels), and another strategy for the second half.

In the first half of a level, focus on creating the BEST candy combinations you can possibly make. What are these? In order of most to least powerful: 1) two color bombs (chocolate bombs) combined, 2)  striped + color bomb combined, 3) striped + wrapped candy combined.

Now, the #1 most powerful special candy combo (the two color bombs combination) is very, VERY rare. As much as you can try to maneuver two already created color bombs together, you’ll likely hit a cascade or accidentally move one of the color bombs (thus eliminating it) before you ever get a chance to make the combo. If you get one, consider yourself lucky. And hopefully you’re able to beat the level on the play through it happens on. If not, scratch what I said about considering yourself lucky.


While you’re focusing on the best candy combos in the first half of the level, you’re avoiding wasting special candies on striped + striped combos (at least as much as you possibly can). You’re also likely avoiding wasting two wrapped candies on a combo (which results in the crushing of a 6×4 square). Now, there are mixed opinions on how effective that combo is, so use that particular bit of advice with a grain of salt. I personally don’t like to combine two wrapped candies together, and choose instead to wait until I can get a striped + wrapped combo.

Ideally, after the first half of the level you’ve cleared out a healthy number of the chocolates or meringues, or you’ve collected a few ingredients, thanks to your savvy usage of the “right” candy combinations.

When you get into the second half of your allotted moves, you can get a little more flexible with your special candy usage. Go ahead and combine two striped candies, or two wrapped candies, if that’s the best option you have in front of you. You don’t want to use too many of your moves in the later stages trying to maneuver special candies just perfectly.

The trick in managing your special candies on the second half is to align your matching with the columns or rows you need things cleared. This is likely something you’re already practicing. If so, good on you! You’re well ahead of a lot of us ReadyGamers out there.

Once you’ve mastered special candy combo usage, and you remember to use all of the tips in my guide here on ReadyGamer on each and every single move you make, you’ve set yourself up for being able to beat just about any Candy Crush level.


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