Top 14 Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Tips & Hints | A ReadyGamer's Guide

Do not accept lives from your friends as soon as you open Candy Crush. I repeat, do NOT click ‘accept’ on those lives just yet.

You probably haven’t even realized it yet (and that’s OK, only a tiny fraction of players out there even know about this), but you’ve likely wasted a number of Candy Crush lives every time you open the app.

You know those “+3 moves” messages you get from your friends when you open the game? Close out of that window until you’ve lost a few rounds in a level. Once you get down to 2 or less lives remaining, go back to the “Messages” window and accept one of those invites.

When ReadyGamers accept these invites right when they open the game, they usually already have 5 lives (the maximum allowed). So, the 3 lives they’ve accepted will essentially be lost and you’ll never get to see ‘em. I’ve experienced this agony, and it’s just not any fun. We want more fun, right?

Also, keep in mind these lives you accept can only be used on the level you’re currently trying to beat. So, make sure to strategize well in advance before accepting a free 3 lives/moves invite.

This tip was (deliberately) less involved, obviously. I figured you might need a bit of a break after that last doozy (Candy Crush tip #10).


8. The Booster-Free Method

If you haven’t learned anything new already, don’t worry. This guide gets better, and better, and (you guessed it) BETTER. Just hang with me.

If you’re like me, you don’t like using boosters. Hate ‘em, even. I only feel satisfied if I beat a level fair and square.

With that said, do you remember that lollipop hammer you used at the beginning of the game as part of the tutorial? Did you know those lollipops get replenished, each and every day?

Yep. I had no idea either. When I found out, the entire game changed for me.

These lollipop hammers are gold. Use them wisely. But DO NOT, by any means, overuse, or even rely on them. That’s a big ReadyGamer no-no.

Once you use all the lollipops available to you, and you don’t have any daily bonus wheel spins remaining, I’d advise against spending money on more lollipop boosters. Here’s why.

While they’re fantastic little helpers, especially when you’re dealing with a particularly stubborn candy column, they’re not level-winners. Neither are most of the boosters you can buy. You can’t simply buy a lollipop and assume you’ll clear a level with it. Trust me, I’m speaking from painful experience.

Having fun yet? We still have 7 tips to go, and they only get better from here. Leave a comment if you need any help/clarification on a specific tip, or if you’d just like to chime in with your experience. Onward!


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