Top 14 Candy Crush Saga Cheats, Tips & Hints | A ReadyGamer's Guide

If you’ve made it to the timed levels already, then you might’ve noticed “+5 second” candies appear every once and a while after you make a match. These do not just appear randomly.

I didn’t figure this out until a little past midway through the 100’s. Luckily, it finally clicked for me and now I’m able to pick up these +5 second bonuses more frequently than before.

The trick for you ReadyGamers is to maneuver candies into situations where you can create a cascade of 4 or more matches in one move. It sounds difficult, but give it some practice and try to look 2 “moves” in advance. Then look 3, and then 4 moves.

Once you make a match that results in 3 additional matches all in the same move, a +5 second candy will drop.

I know many ReadyGamers who have gotten so good at this they can spend multiple hours on one level racking up ridiculous scores, all for bragging rights.

Personally, I like to beat levels and move on to the next ones as fast as I can. But, if insane point scores are your thing, training your mind to recognize these kinds of opportunities is paramount.

2. Re-Shuffling the Board (Re-Rolling)

This tip actually might be my #1 favorite. Lets call it 1b. I use this particular tip on just about every non-timed level in the game at this point.

Many, many Candy Crush players (and I’m talking 80 or 90%) will never know about this, so there’s a great chance you haven’t heard of this tip yet. And that’s a shame. Because you’ll be kicking yourself about how much easier you could have made previous levels on yourself.

When you reach a level that’s giving you too hard of a time, say you’ve lost 4 or 5 lives trying to beat it and you’re just not getting anywhere close. Chances are you’ve run into a board where your starting candy arrangement is critically important for your success on the level.

This is more and more the case the later you get into the game. The more you play, the more your very first moves matter in the overall scope of the level.

The solution for ReadyGamers to this problem is NOT to just keep playing and waste more and more of your lives.

Here’s how to put yourself in a better position to win:

When you start a level, take a look around the board and see if you can immediately spot an opportunity to make a special candy. If a simple opportunity to create two special candies and make a combo in the early moves presents itself, that’s even better.

If your candies seem pretty well divided and no clear special candy or combo opportunity is apparent, then you’re going to want to Re-Shuffle or “Re-Roll”.

Before you make ANY moves, click the menu button on the bottom left of your screen, then press “Exit”. Again, it’s absolutely imperative that you do not make a single move before you Re-Shuffle. If you’ve already moved a single candy, you’ll still lose a life when you exit the board.

Now, when you re-open the level you’ll get a fresh board with newly arranged candies. Go through and check for special candy opportunities once again, and repeat this process until you find a board you’re willing to start with.

Using this tip and mastering it is one of the greatest applicable tools a good candy crusher has. Start seeing if you can get really good at spotting boards that give you a clear advantage from the onset. You’ll see that skill really, really pay off.

Are you ready for my #1 All-Time Favorite Candy Crush tip? Here it is.

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