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Playing games is one of the best ways to pass the time while also enjoying it. You have probably played war tortoise but faced hurdles in moving from one level to another. It is one of the games we have played and reach the highest level. Therefore, this article provides you with the best cheats, tips, and strategies to maneuver effectively through the hardest parts. It also provides our rating of the game, which you probably need before downloading and playing the game. One thing is clear, however, it is one of the best games out there. Our war tortoise tips, cheats, and overall rating will make the most out of your funds in the game. Also, they will aid you in sticking it to all those nasty critters who do not seem to have shelled reptiles very much. We hope that reading this article will help you play the game with no challenges. It provides you with a gist of what the game is, the cheats, and tips, how to play it, and ultimately draws a conclusion. What Is War Tortoise? War Tortoise is a defensive game that was produced by Foursaken Media. In fact, Forsaken Media has come up with an accurate tower defense formula that cuts away all the fat, which will leave you with a thrilling experience.You do not want to miss playing this game. You are the mouse on a tortoise, and your primary job is gunning down all the critters that you see jumping, shooting, or running at you. This makes the game one of the best as you have to pull out some defensive strategies to survive the onslaught. You can control a gun turret on top of a heavily armored tortoise.It is a level 80 combat summoning familiar, and a player usually summons at level 67 summoning. The game is considered one of the best general-use beast of burden and a common choice for mid-level summoners who are not in a position of summoning Pack mammoth or Pack Yak yet. You also need to know how to use effectively the pouch which is a summoning pouch that is used in summoning a war tortoise. It is typically made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with a single spirit shard, a tortoiseshell, and a gold charm in your inventory. This implies that you require 67 summoning so that it can give you 58.6 experience. Summoning the war tortoise is vital as it will give you 0.7 experience and only costs you 70 summoning points. Also, it can be made into 10 testudo scrolls by using it on a summoning obelisk, providing you with a 0.7 experience. One the Voice of Seren is activated in the Amlodd District in Prifddinas, using the Prifiddinas obelisk will subsequently provide you with 12 scrolls per pouch. Besides, war tortoise pouches can be provided to Lord Amlodd and Bogrog in return for one spirit shard for each pouch, which requires 72 summoning. Cheats And Tips Holding Your OwnIf you are dealing with a group of enemies, try to keep several of these adversaries inside the targeting circle. This will increase your capability of defense against the critters. You should know that large groups will mostly be made of weaker critters, which is helpful as the gun will auto-target anything within the red ring. You need to group multiple enemies together, which implies that the machine gun will cut through them much easier. You should always prioritize the enemies who possess a gun. This will eliminate them while causing you minimum harm than when you target enemies who do not have guns.Even when you have something lumbering towards you, take a moment and pick off the small fry that uses ranged attacks. This is because they have a tendency of firing while outside your defenses and effective range at later levels and that damage might weaken your defense.You should always capitalize on auto-battle. You need to know that auto-battle is always your friend while playing war tortoise. Even though it is not as accurate as manually aiming the machine gun, activating auto-battle is essential for improving your defensive strategy. This improves your overall survivability as you do not have to target the critters. You should also save the heavy weaponry systems, such as the howitzer and sniper rifle, for the enemies who are stronger. Besides, when a group of enemies is advancing, activate the howitzer.  You also need to consider taking breaks. This is not only giving your eyes a rest but also because you will earn extra money while you are away from the game. Further, the tortoise will regain and regenerate health while you are away, and sometimes, you can cheese this by turning off the game before you lose the last of your health. Remember to keep your eyes and ears peeled for mining tower goodies. Occasionally, your mining tower, or towers once you buy upgrades, will cough up a glowing gem or two. You should ensure that you tap on them since they will provide you with the much needed monetary boost. When using the auto-battle, as your gun continues firing, you can move the inactive targeting reticule over various enemies to see what they are. This allows you to expect what coming and you can switch back to normal fire or special weapons to move rapidly after anything tough for your normal defenses. UpgradingThere is no wrong way of upgrading in war tortoise. However, you need to focus on defenses over personal firepower and becoming shelled death machine. You should upgrade your mining towers as soon as possible. This is because they remain your chief source of income up to level 8. They are usually handy later on once you improve them. Rate upgrades will allow them to cough-up gems more often while purchasing more towers improves the worth of each gem. Speed is better compared to raw damage. The howitzer and sniper rifle are handy in a pinch, but they have limited ammo and long reload times. You should dump money to improve the … Continue reading War Tortoise: Cheats, Tips, And Overall Rating

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